Full Metal Monsters is a new game developed by Azur Interactive Games, which has been famous for their previous game known as World War Heroes: WW2 Shooter, and from what we have seen so far, the gameplay looks pretty awesome. The game is currently out on Google Play for Android devices while its iOS counterpart must have to wait for another official announcement later on

Full Metal Monsters

With dinosaurs as the main theme, Full Metal Monsters opens a post-apocalyptic world where these giant prehistoric beasts can be armed with heavy armor and weaponry. Players will be able to control these dinosaurs into a 5 versus 5 real-time PVP clash to test each other's strength.

Full Metal Monsters 4

There is a variety of unique abilities that one dinosaur can possess, which currently includes dashes, stuns, regeneration and how the players utilize them for their advantage could contribute to their victory. Also, players can test their ability on either the land or the sky battleground. In addition, there is a wide range of weapons that players can choose from, which can be high-tech energy blaster or ordinary guns.

Full Metal Monsters 1

Moreover, the game has different classes of dinosaurs:

Fully Mechanical

This type of dinosaurs – as the name suggested – is none other than robotic constructs with only one sole purpose of destroying what stands in their way. These dinosaurs are armed with special energy shields that deflect all traditional weapons so it is wise for players to switch to their high tech guns when encountering these dinosaurs. One of these would be the Tyrannosaurus.


This type of dinosaurs is half robot and half flesh and with the addition of human intellect. These dinosaurs are also armed with high-tech equipment. One of these dinosaurs would be the Triceratops, which specialize in regeneration.

Full Metal Monsters 3


These are the original dinosaur and have lived through the Jurassic Era and gone extinct for many millenniums. However, they are currently being used to unleash destruction upon Full Metal Monsters’ world. One of this kind would be the Spinosaurus that has the ability to stun enemies with their roar.

If you have ever dreamed of riding on a dinosaur or even better on a robotic dinosaur when you were a kid, then you should definitely check the game out.