A couple of years back, developer Inner Hero released some pretty cool idle clicker games titled Tap Transcend, and those games really renovated the genre. They task players with creating the entire universe from scratch, and unlike many other clicker games, they had an actual ending. Furthermore, there is a cool battle system as well.

Since then, Inner Hero has been focusing on another project: Fleets of Heroes, a new base building game. It seems they intend for this new title to shake up the base building genre just like what Tap Transcend did with the clicker. According to the developer, Fleets of Heroes will include many features that other base builders seem to ignore, such as a cross-platform player-to-player trade system, or a detailed talent system that allows each player to establish their own playstyle. Of course, there will also be tons of upgrades and customizations for you to unlock and experiment with. But perhaps the most important thing is that this upcoming game features an alternative to the vicious cycle of resource raiding that has long plagued base builders. No longer will you have to carry your phone with you at all time for fear of being robbed by others. For a visual demonstration of what Fleets of Heroes have in store, take a look at the trailer below:

The game has been under beta testing for about a year and a half, and feedback from testers has been pretty good. It remains to be seen whether this newcomer will challenge the titans of the genre, but for the time being, Inner Hero deserves some acknowledgment for having the courage to actually try.

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If Fleet of Heroes sounds interesting to you, then we have good news: You will not have to wait long to be able to try it out, as it will be launching on December 20. If you can’t even stand to wait just a couple of day, then the game is also available for pre-order on the App Store.

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