SEGA is going to launch a new mobile game for Android and iOS. This new game, titled SEGA Heroes, will feature characters from many SEGA franchises, such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage and Golden Axe.

Google Play store categorizes SEGA Heroes as an RPG, and it does have some RPG elements to it. In this game, you will build a team and upgrade the members as you progress. The combat system, however, is not like what you would expect from an RPG game. It is turn-based, but instead of giving out attack commands, you will have a screen full of objects, and you have to match 3 objects of the same kind together. If you successfully do so, the 3 matched objects will disappear and your characters will perform an attack according to what you matched. It is just like Bejeweled, or Candy Crush Saga. If you are a fan of these games and of SEGA, SEGA Heroes is the game for you.

SEGA Heroes gameplay

The story takes place when a powerful and mysterious character by the name of Dremagen devised a plan to bring the SEGA universe under her dominion. In order to do so, she has imprisoned several heroes from different SEGA franchises in another dimension. Now, you must fight alongside these heroes to put a stop to Dremagen’s evil plan.

SEGA Heroes include many franchises, including Super Monkey Ball, Jet Set Radio and Phantasy Star. The company also announced that there will be new heroes every month. Some franchises like NiGHTS, Valkyrie Chronicles, and Shenmue are currently still absent from the game, but they might make an appearance in the future.

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Match 3 objects of the same type to attack

It is hard to predict how well the community will receive the game. While it does have many favorite SEGA characters, the gameplay is a direct copy of Candy Crush Saga, which is in turn a copy of Bejeweled, a game that has been out for years. The plot, while nothing special, sounds decent enough, but it is unclear whether there will be cutscenes to deepen it. If not, then the appearance of the characters is about all that is notable about the game.

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Various characters from different SEGA franchises will be present

The mobile gaming market is basically saturated at this point, which makes it really hard for a new game to break in. Still, big franchises have an edge over their competitors due to their name value, as in the case Fire Emblem Heroes. While Sonic is certainly a popular name, many other franchises in SEGA Heroes might not be all that familiar to fans. Whether the game can bring something new and unique, or at the very least interesting, remains to be seen.

Already SEGA Heroes has soft-launched in certain countries. If it is currently not available in yours, you can pre-register it on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.