Just recently, Jam City released Vineyard Valley - a mobile puzzle title in which your mission is to solve puzzles to unravel the mystery of an old vineyard.

Vineyard Valley

In Vineyard Valley, you will be in charge of renovating the Tangled Vines Vineyard and bring it back to its former glory. You will also have the assistance of many characters who will help you uncover the mysteries and secrets around this area.

Chris DeWolfe (Jam City's CEO) has had an interview regarding this game, during which he said that it is the company' effort to improve narrative engagement level in current mobile games. That is something the company has learned while working on other titles such as Hogwart’s Mystery.

Vineyard 4
This game is the company' effort to improve narrative engagement level in current mobile games.

Vineyard Valley is the combination of various gameplay mechanics, an engaging storyline, deep characters, social features, and a beautiful interior design. The game is now up for grab on Google Play and App Store.

Partnership with Genevieve Gorder

Vineyard 2
Famous interior designer and television personality Genevieve Gorder also contributed to the making of the game

Jam City also delivered an announcement that it has cooperated with famous interior designer and television personality Genevieve Gorder to develop Vineyard Valley. Gorder worked with the development team to bring her professional knowledge in interior designs to the game. She created many furniture packs and that reflect the current trends in the real world, all of which will be added to Vineyard Valley later this year via updates. Gorder will also make an appearance in many in-game events where you could buy her products to decorate your resort.

Vineyard 5
You will have to rebuild/renovate your vineyard resort.

Vineyard Valley features 10 chapters with over 200 levels at launch, and DeWolfe confirmed that they would release more content after the game launches.