Match-three puzzlers are hardly anything new on the mobile scene these days, but Jewels Pharaoh tries to apply this common formula to a cool Egyptian theme and aesthetic. The result is a relaxing, accessible experience in which you play as a highly ambitious individual who strives to climb the steep political ladder of the Ancient Egyptian society to become Pharaoh – and not just any Pharaoh, mind you, but the wealthiest Pharaoh in history.

Jewels Pharaoh Ios Android Artwork Keyart
Strive to become the wealthiest Pharaoh in history with Jewels Pharaoh

You’ll start out as just an amateur jewel scavenger, scrounging around for whatever shiny accessories you can get your hands on. Pretty soon, however, you’ll unlock new powers and magic items that will prove useful to you on your quest. These include anything from magical butterflies to the ultimate rainbow jewel, and more.

Jewels Pharaoh aims to deliver an easy-going experience that anyone can jump into and have a good time with. The early stages are pretty easy, but if you want to become the Pharaoh, that’s an entirely different matter. There’s no need to worry, though: When things get to the more challenging parts, you’ll already have had an idea of how the special jewels and powers work and know what to do.

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An easy-going experience that anyone can get into and enjoy

Still, Jewels Pharaoh tries to make itself stand out from the rest of the pack with its lively colors and Egyptian setting. The powers and jewel effects all appear and feel incredibly satisfying. The presentation is just on a whole different level.

There are plenty of stages for you to put your skills to the test, throughout which you can collect some frozen sapphires and free some Persian cats just as a bonus. All of this adds to the replayability of the game. Also, it can be played entirely offline without any Wi-Fi connection whatsoever, so you can bring it anywhere you want.

Jewels Pharaoh Ios Android Screenshot 01
Plenty of stages and powers to test your skills

If you’re looking a casual match-3 puzzler that doesn’t involve crushing candy, Jewels Pharaoh is available right now on both Google Play and the App Store.