The release date for the highly-anticipated War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has finally been confirmed, at least in Japan. The game will be available for all Android and iOS users within the country starting from November 14th, with a global launch expected to follow soon after. Check out its gameplay teaser below:

The announcement was made in an official FFBE stream, and according to a fan-made War of the Visions Twitter page, the game is already up for pre-order on the App Store in Japan.

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a gacha game set in the continent of Adler. The plot revolves around magical crystals, which the locals have told tales about across many generations.

The combat looks somewhat similar to the classic FF: Tactics games of old, but simpler. Battles will play out in an isometric perspective and on a grid-based 3D field. Moreover, it also seems like the developer is trying to appeal to both veterans and beginners alike, delivering an “auto-mode” and a "high-speed mode" to suit the preferences of different players.

War Of The Visions Combat
Battles will play out on a grid-based field

The game boasts an impressive collection of playable characters, each of whom offers their own unique abilities. And, much like many previous title franchise, there will be a job system for players to experiment around with. Of course, since this is a free gacha game, expect the typical world quests and events to be present as well.  Another impressive thing worth mentioning is that all the quests in the main story are fully voice-acted.

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
An impressive collection of playable characters

As mentioned, War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is set to launch in Japan in a month’s time, which begs the question: When will we see a global release? There is no information on that at the moment, but it’ll probably be at least Q1 2020 before we can get our hands on the game. For more information on this game, check out our previous coverage, and don’t forget to stay tuned for any future updates!