The mobile MOBA is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand genres that developers would love to experience. The reason for this possibly has something to do with the fact that Clash Royale already set the standard that majority of games in that category follow.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realm Wars also follows this pattern. Players who have known Supercell’s smash hit will find this game’s main mechanics quite familiar. Not only the beautiful graphics but the groundbreaking special characters are also outstanding enough for players to check out.

War of hammer, what an incredible gameplay.

This is a card-battle game that is designed for a one-on-one mode. There are three minutes per game and what you have to do is scoring as many victory points (VP) as possible when three minutes end. You can earn VP by destroying the tower of the opposing players and defeating their hero.

To play cards, you have to spend mana, so you need to consider the strategy how to use it wisely. Your mana bar’s replenish rate will increase after 2 minutes of a scrap. As a result, the brutal and intense battle will begin during the last 60 seconds.

There are some similarities and differences from Clash Royale that this game brings to the table. For example, you can see on top of the main battlefield, there is a lane which leads past a door, where you can send 3 of your hero cards. If you do this, a special and free card, which contains a highly-destructive and powerful monster inside, will be unlocked.

Some hero cards can be expensive, and they are indicated by the crown, which can be seen on their card. When they enter the fray, there will be some secondary moves that you can choose to unleash. These moves are free to use, but you should use them before your hero cards are put in any situation that they can’t use these moves anymore.

Your king, also known as your commander, has a special move too. However, this move costs mana and after using it, you have to wait until cooldown time is over. Choosing wisely when to use it can change everything in the battle.

The multiplayer leagues in this game will have different stages that can be unlocked if you have earned enough battle points. Remember that your level will be dropped down if you continuously lose lots of battle points.

Anything you do and unleash in the battle, from the warriors, the dwarves who wear Mohican and toss around those axes will be presented in beautiful, solid graphic as well as polished animation.

Hammer it home

In comparison with Clash Royale’s existing standard, there isn’t much value that Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realm War can add. However, it is still great in its own way of creating the second lane that enables more calculated gameplay. Furthermore, smart players can quickly make counter moves against their foes thanks to the balance of the units and spells.

Compared to Clash Royale, it’s probably less well balanced. At the beginning of the game or other times, you will quickly find out that you’re already outclassed.

If the game pairs you up with an opponent whose level is quite similar to you. But when the game matches you with an opponent at a similar level to you, the battle will become more exciting and manageable. And trust me, it’s not an easy task to do.