Puzzle games really work best with mobile platforms because players can touch the screen by hand and move objects easily in seconds. This time, another puzzle game is out: BRIX! Block Blast. It is available for download on both iOS and Android.

Brix Block Blast 696x452

BRIX! Block Blast is a block-arranging puzzle game which is published by Genera Games, the creator of Disney's Frozen Free Fall and Gladiator Heroes. You may mistake BRIX! Block Blast for a copy of Tetris at first glance. Because Tetris is an icon of puzzle game, everything has the same layout will recall to it. BRIX! Block may be inspired by Tetris but its color-matching mechanics is a trend at the moment. Every game can have it. Moreover, BRIX! Block Blast’s gameplay is also different from Tetris.

In the game, the player's main job is to match a dropping block to existing blocks which have the same color in groups of 4 or 5. The stage will end when they clear all the blocks. The more block matched together, the more point the players gain. Therefore, players have to be clever enough to gain as many points as possible and to pass the level. During the game, players will meet other types of blocks, like bubble bricks, wooden pieces or chained cubes. You have to try different combination to destroy them. BRIX! Block Blast is very easy to play to but not everyone can master this game.


In BRIX! Block Blast, players also can compare their score with friends. You can connect to Facebook and see the ranking list as well as who is on top. In addition, players can send and receive lives from friends when they use all their given lives.

Are you ready to join the adventure in BRIX! Block Blast? It is now free on the App Store and Google Play.