Previously we reported that the popular Dota 2 mod Auto Chess is making its way to mobile devices as a standalone app. So, what do we have to expect?

Well, the biggest change is reflected right in the title: There will be no more “Dota”. Yes, this upcoming title will be completely separated from Dota 2’s assets, meaning we will have a brand new roster of heroes.

On a side note, this upcoming mobile game won’t be the last we see about Auto Chess. As we all know, Valve has taken a keen interest in this mode, so it won’t be too surprising if the company decides to make its own game with similar mechanics in the future.

Screenshot 2019 02 21 At 7 33 03 Pm
Valve might make its own game similar to Dota 2 Auto Chess in the future

But back to the main topic, here are the things that we could expect from Auto Chess Mobile.

The heroes

As mentioned, this mobile title will come with its own heroes. This begs the question: Will they retain the characteristics of the original roster in the Dota 2 mod, or will they be completely different? Could it even have heroes inspired by characters from other big MOBAs such as League of Legends? Even if their mechanics remain the same, it will probably still take players a while to get used to the new look.

Auto Chess
The roster will no longer consist of Dota 2 heroes, but will there be any drastic change in term of gameplay?

Different Game Modes

Currently, Auto Chess only has one game mode, which is a PvP competition taking place on an 8x8 battlefield. This was fine previously, considering that it started out as a mod. This means the only way for the developers to add another mode was to make another mod altogether. But now, since it has turned into a standalone game, that limitation is no longer there. Thus, the developers are now free to bring in new modes, maybe a tutorial for newcomers to get the hang of the game quicker. Other ideas include playing versus Bot, 1v1, or a faster mode that only has 4 participating players instead of the usual 8. The possibilities are endless.

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New game modes might be a possibility

Auto Chess has undoubtedly become a global phenomenon at this point. Released just earlier this year, it has already attracted millions of players, and that number is only growing. Now that it is no longer tied to Dota 2, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see an eSport scene popping up and rapidly developing.