When Free Fire's third anniversary hit, Garena has revealed a lot of information and records as some kind of milestone reminder for the game. Amongst the list, the "Top 5 most used characters" is probably the most resourceful. The result is pretty shocking: Kla, one of the most useless characters in Free Fire, is actually the most used, with 32,220,609,505 picks in all the matches, 400 million more times than the second place, Hayato.

Kla in Free Fire

Why is Kla useless? Well, having an ability that increases fist damage in a game where people shoot each other with guns is definitely a big joke. A question must have popped into your mind - how is such a useless character getting so much attention? In this article, we would try to give you the answer to that puzzle.

1 - Kla is an old character

Kla's was released more than 2 years ago on June 16, 2018, which make the guy one of the oldest characters in the game. Comparing to the relatively newer Hayato and Alok, Kla had more time in the roster - people probably have no other choices back then.


2 - Kla can be bought with gold

Comparing to characters who can only be acquired using diamonds like DJ Alok, Kla is pretty much an easy purchase, with a modest price of just 8k gold.

3 - The list might count other arcade modes and not just BR

People have the tendency to use joke characters in other modes, and Kla, the character with the ability to kill people instantly with a punch to the head, is probably the best clown choice.

4 - Kla's popularity with Thai players

Currently, the top Free Fire country is Thailand, with the biggest playerbase and best esports teams. Kla, a Muay Thai practitioner, is Thailand's mascot, similar to DJ Alok and Brazil. They might have played this character just for that fact alone.

Top 5 Most Used Characters In Free Fire 1

Overall, Alok would probably overtake Kla soon, as the guy managed to get almost the same numbers in just a few months.

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