The first version ever of the Peacekeeper Elite Champion 2019 has just concluded. The Chineses Peacekeeper team, X Quest F, has crowned as the champion with 140 points, 3 Chicken Dinner and took home Rs 1.1 crore. 2nd place and 3rd place also belonged to the 2 other Chinese teams, 4AM and DKG. Chinese teams have really shown us something and ended this tournament wonderfully. However, I can not say the same for the Indian teams, especially Team SouL, everyone's favorite team. Team SouL could barely get any point at all on the first day. They did better the next day, but 25 points were not enough to get them anywhere near the upper part of the leaderboard. So why did they get such a bad result in this tournament? Here are some of the reason:

1. Lack of a proper strategy

Pubg Mobile Gameplay Resized
Navigating and moving is really important

As we can see in the tournament, Team SouL moved very little when compared to other teams. The poor movements of the team also cost them the early game multiple times, resulting in losing someone or even getting eliminated.

2. Afraid of the top teams

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All Chinese teams got the top 3

Although the top teams were really strong, Team SouL needed to fight them more frequently to get more experience against international teams. They were avoiding these teams too much. Sometimes, there was just no option for Team SouL to go back down from those teams and then they get eliminated.

3. Playing too passively

Hiding is not always the best option

Playing passively is one way to not dying too early, but other teams will take all the loot can have the control of good spots if you are not doing anything and hiding. This is one of the major problems of Team SouL as they always avoid early fights which might backfire them if they get spotted. While TPP gives camping a huge advantage, they still need to learn how to take hard fights and turn them around.