A day before PEC 2019, happen, the producer has decided to hold a kickstart event so that the PUBG Mobile team would be more familiar with the new environment – and to ensures that no technical difficulties would happen in the main event. In the day one scrim rounds, X Quest took the lead with 45 kills and 82 points, a whopping 13 more than the second and third place, which is DK Gaming and 4 Angry Men. The top three in the leaderboards are all Chinese teams.

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Fnatic did pretty bad in the scrim rounds

The three Indian teams did not do too well in the scrims, with SouL at #6, SynerGE at #8, and Fnatic at the bottom of the board, #15. Mortal, the leader of team SouL, was the best player in the squad, with 8 kills in 4 rounds. He was placed in the top 10 fraggers list at the end of the day.

The main event of the tournament would be held today and streamed live on YouTube. You can find out more about it in this post. It would last for 2 days and 4 matches would be played each day.

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The tournament has a pretty high production value

In other news, PUBG Mobile has just added various new cosmetics for this year’s new Winter event. The main attraction of this season is the “Winter Lady” set below. The Rudolf Suit from the Lucky Crate is also a good addition as well. Along with the previously mentioned sets, various winter themed outfits are available for purchase in the premium crates. These items are limited, however, and you should grab them immediately if possible.

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The winter festival event has been pretty popular in the PUBG Mobile community

The 0.16 update of PUBG Mobile has definitely been a success, as the winter event along with the various balance changes has pulled players back to the game.