Day 1 of the first World Championship of Peacekeeper Elite, Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2019 has just ended. Peacekeeper Elite is the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile with slight twists to fit Chinese policies. We had 15 professional teams from all around the world to fight for the World Champion title and the top prize of Rs 1.1 crore. There is a total of 3 Indian teams, including Team SouL, Fnatic, SynerGE.

It was not very surprising that all 3 teams of the Peacekeeper Elite Professional League took all the top 3 positions after the first day of the tournament. 4AM got the first place with 84 points thanks to their 2 explosive games, match 2 and 4. X-Quest F followed right behind with 76 points and 34 kills in the second place. DKG claimed third place with 67 points and 23 kills.

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4AM, on fo the three teams in the Peacekeeper Elite Professional League, took the top

Although Team SouL had a pretty good result at the end of the PEC 2019 Scrims with 6th place, they turned out to be in the last place after day 1 with only 5 points. Fnatic also did poorly and got 13th place. SynerGE was one with the highest scores among India teams with 20 points in 8th place.

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All 3 Indian team ended up in the bottom half at the end of day 1, especially Team SouL

After the first day, it seems that SynerGE is the only team that actually has a chance to make a comeback and climb to the top. As for Team SouL and Fnatic, their chances are very slim, unless a miracle happens. They have fallen too far behind now.

The Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2019 is held in China at the Qujiang International Convention Exhibition Centre. The second day is also the last day of the tournament. You can watch it live on the official PUBG Mobile Esports channel on YouTube.