Willy Wonka's chocolate factory is a dream of all kids in the past. Now you can experience this dreamland with Wonka’s World of Candy. You can design your own Chocolate Factory when you become a manager.

The dream world of every child

Recently, the old chocolate factory was remodeled by Willy Wonka and you are the chosen person to manage this place. Of course, in order to do this properly and get the chocolate, you have to prove yourself competent.

You must solve the puzzles with the help of Willy Wonka to reopen the Chocolate Factory. The creativity of the match 3 games is filled with surprises as you unlock exciting rooms that have never been seen before.

Extreme fun with different puzzles

It also means that through the passing of the match-3 puzzle levels you will be building more and setting up your own factory.

Once you complete one level of the puzzle, you will get another piece for the Chocolate Factory, such as Fizzy Fifting Drinks, Wonkavision Studios, and the Chocolate Room.

After you have built a complete Chocolate Factory, players can use the camera mode on your device to view the Chocolate Factory. For a full 3D Chocolate Factory look, do not forget to move your device around.

Rebuild the chocolate factory through levels of match-3 puzzles

About the game, Wonka’s World of Candy is based on the famous original feature film, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. This game uses the Match-3 experience by incorporating exciting builder factors for players as they prepare the factory for its grand re-opening.

Players can download and play Wonka’s World of Candy for free on Google Play for Android devices, on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and on the Amazon app store for Kindle.