Last year developer The Secret Police released an iOS port for Stardew Valley at the price tag of  $7.99. Stardew Valley is a very famous RPG farm-simulator which was released for PC a few years back. The publisher of the game is Chucklefish and the developer is the independent studio ConcernedApe.

You Can Pre Register On Google Play Now For Starde
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The mobile Stardew Valley

For a long time, the fan community had been pushing for a mobile port of the hit title Stardew Valley because the game seemed perfectly fit for the touchscreen. Thus the feedback they have got for the iOS port of the game is not bad at all, the fans love the port and the critic gave it a pretty high point.

You Can Pre Register On Google Play Now For Starde
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And ever since the release of Stardew Valley iOS, The Secret Police has been working non-rest to bring many major updates to the game. These updates include also various control options and fixes of many bugs. They are fighting to bring the experience of Stardew Valley into a compact portable version that fits in our pocket.  Is there any problem left? You miss all of this if you are on Android.

Coming to Android

That is, until now. Android people, there's no need to be jealous over iOS anymore because the game is coming to Google Play. While we don't have the fixed date for the release of the game yet, it has been confirmed that the game is on the way and right now you can pre-register for it on Google Play Store. And the more good news is that Stardew Valley Android will be at the same price tag of  $7.99, the same as the iOS version. You could also transfer your save file from PC to continue the game on your Android smartphone, which is also supported for iOS.  But one small setback that it will not have multiplayer support, a feature that is present on the PC version.