BeYouNick is a famous comedy Youtuber in India with more than 3.86 million subscribers. He has a second channel but with only about 90 thousand subscribers so he came up with a unique plan to get more audience on his second channel, Be YouNick Vlogs. He promised that he will be hosting a PUBG Mobile tournament that consists of only one game with a prize pool of Rs 10 lakh.

However, unlike normal PUBG Mobile tournaments, there will be only one match and the money in this tournament will not be distributed based on the placements of the players.

Each kill in this game will worth Rs 10,000, making the total prize pool Rs 10 lakh

Instead, BeYouNick will give away Rs 10,000 to players every time they get a kill, making it a total of Rs 10 lakh. This is no doubt the 'Most Expensive Chicken Dinner' ever in India.

The tournament will be featuring ScoutOP, MortaL, and Mumbaikar Nikhil as he personally called all 3 of them to confirm. These 3 will form a team with Nick and fight against other players. The tournament will be open for everyone to join. Further detail about this match such as the date, how to join is currently not revealed yet. All information will be announced on Be YouNick Vlogs channel later so make sure to subscribe to them if you want to participate in the match.

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The tournament will be featuring ScoutOP, MortaL, and Mumbaikar Nikhil

Be YouNick Vlogs channel is currently having more than 95.9 thousand subscribers but he hasn't posted anything on the channel for 8 months. This PUBG Mobile match is his plan to boost the number of subscribers of this channel. Nick also got help from Global Esports to create host this match.

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