PUBG Mobile has grown exponentially from its initial release in terms of both revenue and player base. With the increasing number of gaming hours comes the demand for a higher skill cap to ensure fair competition. However, not everyone is comfortable with the handheld system and can perform at the same level as they do on PCs. That’s why the Aim Assist System was introduced - to compensate for the inaccuracy of inexperienced players. Let’s take some moment to break it down. 

Advantages of PUBG Mobile Aim Assist 

Enhanced Accuracy

As we mentioned above, the foremost advantage of the Aim Assist system is definitely enhancing the accuracy of players’ aim. It calculates the trajectory of bullets and compensates for the movement of controls to land as many hits as possible. In most scenarios, playing with Aim Assist brings considerably improved performance. 

Theres A Huge Hidden Buff To Akm In Pubgs mobile
Spray better with Aim Assist ON

Shortened Reaction Speed

Average players take about anywhere between 300ms to 500ms to react to aim on their targets. That can be considered the physical barrier of the human body. However, the Aim Assist feature may greatly reduce the aim duration, resulting in a faster lock on your enemies. 

aim fast pubg mobile
Aim faster in PUBG Mobile

Disadvantages of PUBG Mobile Aim Assist

Poor Long-Range Performance

Though relatively powerful in spraying, the Aim Assist feature seems to fall off with long-range weapons. You may have experienced this if played snipers. However, it’s actually the intention of the devs. Having an Aim Assist system for SRs or DMRs is the same as using cheats. Players won’t increase their skill cap this way. 

aim assist sniper
The Aim Assist is not that good in long-range

Multi-Target Engage

In most cases when fighting large groups of enemies, you may notice the Aim Assist system kind of failing to choose targets. It will try to lock on all the visible targets - what you do not want mid-combat as it reduces the damage output significantly. Your bullets spreading to multiple enemies is not a good sight. 

Tips: When using the Aim Assist Feature, remember to aim just above the cursor. The recoil should drag the gun down and grants a better headshot chance.