PUBG Mobile holds a large collection of available weapons varying from melee to long-range. Designated Marksman Rifles, or DMRs, are powerful guns combining the best of Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles. They dish out incredible damage at a fast fire rate and high accuracy. DMRs are versatile and perform well in either short, medium, or long-range combats. In this article, we will introduce a popular choice in the genre - the MK14, one of the rarest DMRs in the game.

Mk14 Featured
MK14 in PUBG Mobile

MK14 in PUBG Mobile

The powerful MK14 is a super rare loot in PUBG Mobile, only available in airdrops, and there are reasons for that. It has an outstanding damage potential of 61 per hit - the highest in the DMR genre. This weapon uses the heavy 7.62 ammunition with a basic 10 round magazine. The bullets travel at 853 m/s, each separated by a 0.090 seconds gap. It has two fire modes: semi-auto or full-auto. 

mk14 stats
MK14 stats in PUBG Mobile

The main downside of the MK14 comes from its reload duration - which takes 3.683 seconds with no quickdraw mag. The limited ammo holding can also be a disadvantage. The gun has high vertical and horizontal recoil, which requires some practice to control. Yet, if handle perfectly, the MK14 is actually a fearsome weapon. That’s why many pro players prefer to have this gun in their inventory.

MK14 Skin and Attachment Guide

The MK14 possesses quite a limited collection of skins. The most popular of all is the Season 11 skin, which you can acquire for free after reaching the Diamond tier and playing 5 matches in that rank. 

mk14 loadouts
You need attachments to exploit MK14's full potential

When it comes to attachments, you should prioritize those which reduce its recoil rate and magazine shortages. The best attachments for the MK14 are a compensator, an extended quickdraw mag, and a cheek pad if possible. In terms of scopes, the best option is perhaps the 4X or 6X. The gun excels in mid-range combats, so long-range scopes like the 8X may not be a prominent choice.