PUBG Mobile has been constantly growing ever since its release, breaking records and getting new achievements. From the very first versions 0.X.0 to the current 0.2X.0, we have had quite a number of updates over the years - based on the recent announcement, looks like its time for the game to go into the new era.

This would be PUBG Mobile's biggest update ever

In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the next big update of PUBG Mobile.

1 - When will the update be released?

PUBG Mobile officials have confirmed that the update would be released “soon”, however, the exact date is not yet available. All we know is that it would be somewhere next month. During the announcement, PUBG Mobile devs also revealed that some kind of event is going to occur on September 8. With the exact words imploring you to log into the game, it is very likely that it would be the launch date of Erangel 2.0 or at least the day that the launch date would be revealed.

The various events all over the years

2 - Brand new graphic overhaul

New technology improvements

With the introduction of new technology, PUBG Mobile's developers would overhaul the game's graphics itself - every map in-game would get improvements, not just Erangel. According to available info, there would be enhancements and optimizations to the overall graphics and texture, especially the in-game environment.

3 - New UX

UI customization

UX or User Experience would be improved greatly - the game would get a brand new interface, which includes a new interactive UI Lobby and improved character animations. The lobby would now be customizable as well - players would be able to change the game itself based on their preferences.

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