PUBG Mobile Lite’s 0.19.0 update is going to be pushed out pretty soon, along with its release date. September is going to be a huge month for Tencent, with Erangel 2.0’s debut on Sept 11. PUBG Mobile’s 0.19.0 beta would also be huge - containing tons of new features and additions that would improve players’ gaming experience significantly.

In this article, we would list out the updates contained in 0.19.0 beta’s patch note, which was leaked by a data miner, along with its supposed release date.

Release date and biggest feature

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Zombie Bosses in PUBG Mobile Lite

Based on various leaks from unofficial sources, the 0.19.0 beta update for PUBG Mobile would hit the live server on Sept 18. The best feature that's going to be added in this patch is probably the Zombie "Survive Till Dawn" mode, in which players would team up with each other to go against the zombie horde and try to survive until the end. This is rather too early for a Halloween update, with the day being more than two months away. A zombie-themed lobby would accompany this new mode, of course.

The new Victor character in PUBG Mobile Lite

You would be able to use the rocket launcher in this mode to deal massive damage to groups of zombies. There are a few more exclusive weapons as well.

New features in 0.19.0 beta

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Survive till dawn is back until Halloween
  • Survive Till Dawn 2 - a new zombie mode
  • TDM Ruin map removed
  • Varenga map improvements added
  • New Victor Character
  • New Zombie themed lobby
  • New RPG weapon and upgraded graphics

Update Size

This is going to be one of the biggest updates yet - with a size of 253 MB on both Android and iOS. You should prepare the appropriate space in your device storage.

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