PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Fall Split, the biggest amateur level tournament of PUBG Mobile, has started in both India and Pakistan on August 12th. 32 teams would battle against each other in each Club to get the ticket for the Semi-Finals.

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About PMCO

This year’s PMCO is even bigger than last year, with a prize pool of one million dollars - and over eighty thousand teams have registered. With a massive prize and a lot of competitors in the pool, the fact that people might use hacks and cheats to accomplish their goal is pretty much a given. While PUBG Mobile’s anti-cheat can root out the majority of cheaters, it is not infallible. With this year’s PMCO being online only, it is pretty hard to verify if the players are hacking or not.

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Multiple accusations of hacking have sprouted up everywhere in the Fall edition of PMCO - and because of this, PMCO India, PMCO Pakistan and PMCO South Asia have been postponed. Officials stated that some qualified teams show suspicious behaviors. 4 teams from PMCO Pakistan has received permanent bans. Out of ~80k teams, 512 were automatically banned by the system as well.

Reports of Hacking in PMCO India and PMCO Pakistan

Captain of TSM Entity, Ghatak has uploaded an Instagram story a few days ago to ask PMCO officials to look into the serious matter - the guy also requested his fans to spread the words around on social media so that it could reach more people.

32001 Postponing Announcement
PMCO's Postponing announcement

Their efforts have yield results, as PMCO officials have immediately postponed the tournament to look into the matter. It would remain frozen until the investigation is done and “tournament integrity is ensured”. Satisfied with the decision, Ghatak posted an appreciation message to the team afterward.

33516 Ghatak Thanking Officials
Ghatak thanking officials

In PMCO Pakistan, hacking was detected in the middle of the stream - with the whole event stopped midway so that the officials could investigate the issue. Afterward, Team Xtreme, 47 esports, Team Ecstasyyy and Team Hellfire were disqualified and permanently banned from PUBG Mobile.

It is likely that there is a new cheating loophole in PUBG Mobile - one that's not detected by the system. Gurugamer would update about this topic in later posts. In the meantime, if you are interested in more articles about PUBG Mobile, you might want to read this to find out about how to climb conqueror rank in season 15.