Similar to normal PUBG Mobile, the Lite version also has the same ranking system, with Conqueror being the highest tier in the game. If you are playing seriously, getting a high rank in seasons is a must, as later tiers would unlock various attractive rewards. However, pushing rank in PUBG Mobile Lite is slightly different than in normal PUBG Mobile, as the number of players and maps are different. In this article, we will be discussing how to rank push in PUBG Mobile Lite.

1 - Focus on placement instead of fighting

  • To increase your rank quickly in PUBG Mobile, you need to place higher on the ranking table - preferably in the top 10 every match. While going around and shooting people is probably more fun - it increases the risk of you getting eliminated early.
How To Rank Push In PUBG Mobile Lite
How To Rank Push In PUBG Mobile Lite
  • You should not go out of your way to hide, of course - it is recommended to get at least 2-3 kills to maintain a positive K/D. If you are on lower tiers, getting more kills might be possible, as players there are not that good in general.

2 - Pick your landing spot carefully

  • There are only two maps in PUBG Mobile Lite: Varenga and Golden Woods - and they are much smaller than the usual PUBG Mobile maps. This opens up a lot of new strategies, as you don’t have to chase the circle as much. Overall, it is best to drop out in the very first area or at the very end, based on the route of the plane.
How To Rank Push In PUBG Mobile Lite
How To Rank Push In PUBG Mobile Lite
  • Landing first would let you get to the loot faster and get an advantage over other players who lands later. Landing last would let you see the general drop position of all other players so that you could create a strategy around it.

3 - Constantly try to improve your skill

  • The higher you rank up, the harder the match is going to be, as all your opponents would be people who played the game as much as you. Try to spend at least a few minutes a week to practice the guns in the training room, especially if it was changed or added in a patch recently. TDM matches can be a good way to practice your aim as well.
  • Vehicles are not as important in Lite comparing to PUBG Mobile, as you can get pretty much every location on the map by just walking (they are just that small). However, if you need to rush some location, get a vehicle to drive around is fine. Just remember that the sound from it is going to attract enemies.
How To Rank Push In PUBG Mobile Lite
How To Rank Push In PUBG Mobile Lite
  • Getting a scope early on is one of the top priorities - you would be able to check out the nearby area for enemies and make decisions much faster. Furthermore, with the size of the maps being like that, a scoped weapon could cover a lot more ground than you would have thought.
  • As bullets in PUBG Mobile Lite do not drop, getting headshots is a much easier task in this game comparing to the normal version. This is one of the most important features that was dropped in Lite, as bullet drops would make firing a weapon much more... real. Because of this, headshots are easier to make and sniping weapons are overpowered. Try your best to get a scoped AR as soon as possible.

4 - Top landing spots for Varenga Map


This location is on the eastern side of the island - it is home for a large number of weapons and weapon attachments. You can get a lot of gear in this spot, enough to equip for a full squad. There are 4 buildings on this site, with one large main building housing the best loot. It would take some time for people to clear this out.

How To Rank Push In PUBG Mobile Lite
How To Rank Push In PUBG Mobile Lite


This location is more about quality than quantity, with a decent rate for high tier gears to spawn. Speed is key when landing here, of course - you need to rush for the main building right away and clear it.  You can also try to land on the roof of the other buildings if you are slower.

Pilot Plaza

This is the main "military compound" on the map, with three huge buildings in a small area. This place is great in both gear quality and quantity, so if you are going to rush it, land on the top of a building and start looting down.

5 - Top landing spots for Golden Woods Map

Military School

This is the main military compound on this map with the best loot possible. You can find plenty of gears here from gun to scopes and ammo.

How To Rank Push In PUBG Mobile Lite
How To Rank Push In PUBG Mobile Lite

Luxury House

The top loot spot in Golden Woods, with a relatively low number of buildings to explore. You would be able to clear this out pretty fast - just pick a side without anyone else.

Collection Field

A great landing spot if you want to fight early, as a lot of people pick this location due to its relative distance to the center of the map.

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