In battle royales like PUBG Mobile, being able to move around fast on the map is something everyone wants to do, as one of the core mechanics of the game is the ever-shrinking safe zone. In this article, we would list out the top five fastest-moving vehicles in PUBG Mobile.

Why are fast vehicles needed? Well… if you land on the edge of the map, a fast escape vehicle is pretty much required so that you could arrive at the safe zone on time. Moving around on foot is pretty dangerous - that usually leaves you open for campers. Driving a car or riding a motorcycle, on the other hand, would make you a moving armored target which is super hard to take down.

1 - Motorcycle

Top speed: 152 km/h

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While both the Mirado and Motorcycle have the same top speed, the Motorcycle has a better acceleration time - that's why it is on the top of the list. While you might think a car with its much more powerful engine should be able to perform better - the motorcycle beat them all with its lightweight frame. It can seat 2 players and has 1000 HP - with the player in the back being able to shoot. There is zero protection riding on this vehicle, of course - and driving it is also pretty hard.

2 - Mirado

Top speed: 152 km/h

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The second fastest vehicle in the game - the Mirado can seat 4 and has an HP pool of 2000. Overall, the car exchange speed for control, as it is highly unusable outside of paved roads. In locations with difficult terrains, it is best to go on foot than driving this.

3 - Dacia

Top speed: 139 km/h

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Dacia is a slightly less powerful version of the Mirado, with 200 less HP, slightly slower top speed, and faster acceleration time. The vehicle is also pretty bad at off-road terrain - you could flip it easily if you are not careful.

4 - Motorcycle with Sidecar

Top speed: 130 km/h

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With a sidecar attached, 3 people would be able to group up with each other on a motorcycle. However, this vehicle is even more unstable than the normal motorcycle - if the driver makes a mistake, your team would be thrown off it immediately.

5 - Closed Top UAZ

Top speed: 115 km/h

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There is a reason that the UAZ is the most popular vehicle in PUBG Mobile. With 1820 HP and a fully covered design, players who ride on it are provided with excellent protection. The UAZ also has a big advantage: it is good at off-road movements. You can drive the UAZ on pretty much every kind of terrain in the game and still come out easy.

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