Delivery From The Pain is a top-down strategic zombie survival game with a fantastic storyline. Originally released on Steam in October 2017, the game has now made its way to Android devices.

The setting of Delivery From The Pain is pretty typical for these type of games. An anti-cancer drug research organization claims that they have discovered the key to immortality. However, things go wrong, and everyone who used the vaccine turns into zombies. The area where you live is right in the middle of all this chaos, and so you must run, hide, fight, and gather resources in order to survive.

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A typical setting doesn’t mean the game is going to be boring, though. As mentioned earlier, Delivery From The Pain features a superb storyline. Throughout your adventure, you will have the chance to meet plenty of other survivors, such as a mother who holes up with her daughter in a police station, a doctor, a couple of twin brothers with completely different personalities. Each character has their own stories to tell, and as you engage in conversation with them, you will come across tons of thought-provoking choices that will decide their fate, and some will lead to different endings. During your exploration, you will also find various tapes, magazines, newspapers, etc., and it is up to you to piece the information together to uncover the secret that lies behind.

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In term of gameplay, Delivery From The Pain offers an immersive survival experience. There are many factors you need to consider. Of course you will need food to survive, but not just any kind of food, as eating bad stuff might kill you even faster and a legion of ravenous zombies. On the other hand, if you manage to find a relatively comfortable place to sleep, you will gain certain benefits. Furthermore, you need to pay attention not only to the physical health of your character, but also the mental stability as well. Death by depression is a very real thing in this game.

To improve your chance, you can learn various skills, such as building a safer shelter, creating more powerful weapons, or cooking more nutritious food.

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Delivery From The Pain brings more than 10 types of zombies, each with their distinct abilities, as well as 4 ultimate boss monsters. You shall have to stay calm and analyze their behavior to come up with the smartest way to deal with them. Always remember, you are not a superhero, so don’t try to be one. You are merely an average person trying to survive in this horrible apocalypse, so just avoid the zombies when you can.

Delivery From The Pain is currently available on Google Play.