Baaghi 3 was just released on the big screen just a few days ago. The box office result of the movie seems to be really positive with Rs 5.5 crore, breaking all the Day-1-records of other movies in 2020. However, when looking at the review of the viewers on the Internet, the movie actually has mixed reviews.

Lost of people find the movie entertaining with the endless action stunts of the Bollywood star Tiger Shroff. The visuals, songs, and dances in the movie were also praised, especially the song 'Do You Love Me' performed by Disha Patani.

As for the bad reviews, most people weren't impressed with the overall plot of Baaghi 3, which is totally expected from an action-filled franchise such as Baaghi. Another wave of opinions thinks that the actions in Baaghi 3, the main selling point of the movie, are way too unrealistic.

Ahmed Khan Defends Baaghi 3 1
Baaghi 3 is known as an action-filled film
Ahmed Khan Defends Baaghi 3 2
Baaghi 3 has a lot of over-the-top actions, but they are also the main sell point

These bad reviews actually have upset the director of Baaghi 3, Ahmed Khan, so much that he had to speak up to defend his movie in an interview with The Times of India. The director claims that he was totally aware of the unrealistic physics of the movie but he still did it anyway because that is what the audiences love. He further explains that the most important thing to have in Baaghi 3 is the next level of action. He then comes to the final conclusion that the "question of logic is irrelevant" by showing that people like the action in Baaghi 3 more than Baaghi 2.

Ahmed Khan Defends Baaghi 3 3
Ahmed Khan wonders why Indian viewers never question Fast & Furious physics

Ahmed also criticizes the negative attitude of Indian viewers toward Bollywood movies while giving unrealistic Hollywood movies such as Fast & Furious a pass.

Baaghi 3 collected a total of Rs 62 crore 4 days after the release, despite the threat of coronavirus.