Truth or Dare game is one of the most popular games everyone loves to play in a group. However, when playing it with your crush, your partner, adding some naughty questions or challenge into the game will take it to the next level. Try on some dirty dare games for WhatsApp with answers which is a great chance for you to know more about your partner and ask them questions which you will never have the chance to ask in daily conversation.

dirty dare games for WhatsApp with answers
Turning your partner after a few chat lines, how can it possible?

There will be two different levels base on your relationship. Ask yourself some questions before choosing the appropriate one like: How long have you been with each other? Have you ever had sex with each other? What does she/he think about it? Then jump into the most interesting part: WhatsApp dirty dare games with answers.

Dirty dare games for WhatsApp with answers: Level 1

If you're having a crush on her and sure she feels the same thing, try to take your relationship to the next level with some naughty dare games for WhatsApp with answers. Don't worry if it's too rude. Ask your partner to pick a number between 1-20. Each number corresponds with a truth or dare. Check out the answer below:

  1. Truth: What is the darkest secret of you that no one knows
  2. Dare: Record a voice message of you whispering my name
  3. Truth: Tell me your darkest secret
  4. Dare: Send me a pic of you that no one has ever seen
  5. Truth: What part of my body do you like the most?
  6. Dare: Write my name on your status
  7. Truth: What is the most embarrassing sexual experience you’ve ever had?
  8. Dare: Kiss me the next time we meet
  9. Truth: How often do you watch something naughty
  10. Dare: Write on your social media that you love me

11. Truth: What do you think about a one-night stand
12. Dare: Write my name on a part of your body and send me a pic
13. Truth: What do you like about me?
14. Dare: I dare you to say “I love you”
15. Truth: When was the last time you had sex with someone?
16. Dare: Put on your swimsuit and send me a pic
17. Truth: What is your worst habit
18. Dare: Fill in the blank: I know that it’s too fast but I wish we can...
19. Truth: If you can become invisible, what do you like to do to me?
20. Dare: What do you want to do with me right now? Describe it with a pic or video

Dirty dare games for WhatsApp with answers: Level 2

If you’re officially in a relationship and both of you are open about having sex, here are some dirty truth and dare games for WhatsApp to awake the sexual excitement inside of you as well as your partner in no time. We dare you to make it till the end of the game!

1. Truth: How many times a week do you touch yourself?
2. Dare: Search on Google the weirdest sex position you can ever find. Act it out with a pillow and send me a pic
3. Truth: What is your wildest fantasy?
4. Dare: I dare you to turn me on!
5. Truth: What is your favorite position when having sex?
6. Dare: Send me a photo of you licking ice-cream on your finger
7. Truth: Giving and receiving pleasure, which one do you prefer?
8. Dare: Send me a naughty photo of you
9. Truth: What part of your body do you want me to put a kiss on
10. Dare: Strip off one of your piece of clothes and send me a pic

11. Truth: Have you ever used sextoy?
12. Dare: Send me a voice message that can turn me on
13. Truth: What kind of roleplay do you like?
14. Dare: Call my mother can tell her you love me
15. Truth: Tell me about our first kiss
16. Dare: Make a video call and do sexy dance for me
17. Truth: What special place do you want to have sex in?
18. Dare: Remove your bra without stripping off your shirt
19. Truth: Have you ever thought about me while touching yourself?
20. Dare: Show me the best technique you can make with you-know-what on your finger

Above are the best dirty dare games for Whatsapp with answers you can ever have to turn your partner on and take your relationship to the next level. If you are looking for more news similar to dirty dare games for WhatsApp with answers as well as more updates, guides, lists, etc. on gaming and entertainment like this article, visit our website at to find everything you need.