Secrecy has eventually become a very important part of modern filmmaking, as the fans can pretty much figure out everything from just a simple casting list. Marvel has done a particularly good job of that, as their movies are often really easy to be spoiled (they are based on existing comic story arcs).

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Poster
The next Doctor Strange would be even more visually spectacular than the previous one

The consequence of this is that fans of the MCU are left arguing between themselves, asking all the questions that have no possible answer available. One of the most popular topics as of late is the sequel for Doctor Strange, "In the Multiverse of Madness". In this article, we would list out some of the more likely theories of what is going to happen in the next movie.

Phase 4 Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madnes
Doctor Strange clashing against the Scarlet Witch would be the biggest magic showdown in the MCU, many times bigger than Strange's best showings in Infinity War

1 - Who would be the main villain in Doctor Strange 2?

After Strange's splendid performance in Infinity War, we can pretty much rank him amongst the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is expected that the sequel would amplify Strange's power even more - as his poor showing of magic was the biggest weakness of the first movie.

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Mordo still has a part to play in the next movie - it is implied that the guy is going to stab Strange in the back

Karl Mordo or Baron Mordo as he's known in the comics was hinted to betray Strange - he would be part of the second movie. However, with MCU Movies often featuring more than one villain, with only 1 of them being the main threat, it is very likely that Mordo would just be one of the underlings similar to what Kaecilius was.

The main threat is likely to be the more iconic villains like Mephisto, the ruler of Hell or Nightmare, an entity from the Fear Dimension, which is actually pretty appropriate for the title of this movie.

Doctor Strange Nightmare In Doctorstrange2
There have been a lot of rumors about Nightmare and how he would be the next villain to face Earth's Sorcerer Supreme

2 - How would Doctor Strange 2 ties into WandaVision

While there has been a line drawn between Marvel Movies and TV shows since 2013's Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, that distinction is no longer exist, due to the launch of Disney Plus. The various upcoming shows on the streaming service would tie directly in the cinematic universe - they can even be essential in order to enjoy the adventure of characters on the big screen. This is part of Disney's grand plan to make its streaming service more popular, riding on the popularity of the MCU. The question here is "how big would those connections be?"

Doctor Strange 2 Lede
It is unlikely that Wanda would be outright villainous in this movie - she should be manipulated by a third party, just like the comic version

It was confirmed during 2019's Comic-Con in San Diego that Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda Maximoff is going to be a key player in Doctor Strange 2. With the title of the movie being "Multiverse" and "Madness", this might be referring to Wanda's biggest arc in the comic "The House of M".

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Scarlet Witch definitely can stand her ground against the most powerful forces in the universe such as Thanos

In this series, Wanda loses control of her reality-warping power and creates an alternate world in which she and Vision are normal people, with kids of their own. All the other mutants in the world were depowered in the process. If this event is going to be the main theme of Doctor Strange 2, Wanda would be the villain of the story - and Strange would have to pierce through her madness to revert the world to what it was and save the couple. Vision's revival after his apparent death in Infinity War is a big giveaway too - as without the Mind Stone, it would be impossible for the guy to exist.

This could be their big chance to bring the X-Men into the MCU, with Wanda's world working as some sort of a Reboot button. After Marvel's purchase of Fox Movies, it is just a matter of time that everyone's favorite mutant group to be added into the universe. People could gain mutant powers after the events of the movie instead of losing them like in the comic.

3 - Will Loki have a part to play in all of this?

The "Multiverse" part of the title meant that there is likely to be more than just one alternate world in the game - we might even see the movie correlate with yet another series. Loki is another great sorcerer in the Marvel Universe as well - while he was killed in Infinity War, the events of Endgame has brought back a new version of Loki, the bad version prior to his redemption in Thor: Ragnarok.

Loki escaped with the Tesseract during the events of Endgame

This Loki was the one who used the Tesseract to escape the Battle of New York - his mere existence created a fault in the space-time continuum. Because of this, Marvel's "Time Police", the Time Variance Authority is going to be on his ass in the new Loki Tv show. With the potential of the Tesseract to travel between time and dimensions, the God of Mischief might as well be a part of the Madness Multiverse. Not much is known about this series of Loki, however, as there are no prior comic arcs that correlate to it.

Loki Tva
Loki caught by the time police during a short teaser at the end of the Wanda Vision Trailer - these show might be linked together

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