Last week, on Friday the 19th of October, the @Google account tweeted "Winter is coming for Chromebook...". Along with this is a video showing Game of Thrones using a Chromebook to play inside Slides. But this is not just a video, it’s a kind of weird one.

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The expected Video

The tweet and the video itself seem to be a crossover event and have a great impact as a new "White Walkers" page is now available on Google's Chromebook site. When first seeing it, people tend to consider it as an out-of-touch marketing strategy, or a late attempt in the very last minutes to make use of achieved licensing. However, as cringey as it is, it is undeniable that it contains some humorous parts.

You can watch the video below:

That is the only good point about the video. Besides it, all of the "White Walkers" marketing strategy is a little bit cringey to the viewers. It is obviously undeniable that some Google employees did try his best to make details of the "New Recruit Orientation: Getting to the Wall" presentation in the form of Google Slides. There also exists a large amount of lore and jokes, though the humorous parts seem to gradually reduce after the first 10 or 12 slides.

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Wanna discover some Apps?

Of course, that is to say, if your type is not such kind of long-format humor relating to business. They also invite you to subscribe to HBO NOW to be one of the viewers of the show, and at the same time having discovery of all the possible ways that the White Walkers "work better together". The apps being used on their Chromebooks, which are somehow presumably abused of temperature, are also included. And it is still very hard to understand why someone showed the one phrase showing up just after the "Better Together" feature in the Dev channel just yesterday.

Google also used the Google Blog to announce the appearance of this new marketing strategy. Then if you're a big and loyal fan of Game of Thrones stuff, in love with business jokes, or having the desire to stay in touch with your fellow kids, don’t forget to check it out along with the new site. As far as we know it, we will soon see some related advertisements on TV or YouTube really soon.