In fact, not all Hollywood stars were born at the finish lines. Many of them had to work stunts and struggled to make ends meet before rising into fame. If you’re curious to know what Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Megan Fox and other actors did before marking their Hollywood debut, keep scrolling down for the lesser-known facts.

Wolverine Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman (with a suit) in a throwback photo when he was a PE teacher

Hugh Jackman

Not everyone knows that the Wolverine superstar used to work as a PE teacher in Uppingham high school in England. After shooting into fame with his role as Wolverine in X-men, the actor was interviewed by one of his students named Rollo Ross in a red-carpet event in Zurich.

This is what the superstar said to him: ‘Excuse me Rollo but we’ve known each other for a long time. I used to be your teacher in high school and I really want to know about your physical improvement in recent years. It’s really important!’

Apart from being a high school teacher, the actor also revealed that acting as a crow in children’s parties was also his extra job.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston admitted that it was struggling for her to work as a delivery girl

Jennifer Aniston

Before gaining a reputation for her role as Rachel in the iconic TV series Friends, Jennifer Aniston worked as a bike delivery girl in New York. She admitted that it was the toughest work she ever did. In addition to that, the Hollywood leading actress also had experience as a waitress and telesales representative but selling has never been her forte.

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Hollywood star brad pitt
Brad Pitt worked stunts for livings before rising into Hollywood leading actor

Brad Pitt

It wasn’t easy for Brap Pitt to pursue his acting career. He almost graduated from the Missouri university but dropped out of school two weeks before graduation to work on a film project. As the income he got from acting was not enough, he worked stunts to earn money. From leaflets distribution to strippers assistants, he was willing to do everything just to earn some extra bucks.

Megan Fox
Megan Fox had to wear banana clothes while working in a smoothie shop

Megan Fox

The leggy beauty of Hollywood revealed that she worked in a smoothie shop in Florida before striking a chord in Hollywood. She often stood at the counter but sometimes had to wear on a banana costume outside of the shop to draw the customer's attention. However, the worst thing about it was the costume didn't cover her face.

Hollywood stars George Clooney
George Clooney old and young photo

George Clooney

The highest-paid Hollywood actor George Clooney confessed that he had to work ‘terrible jobs’ to pursue his passion for acting. One of his most memorable jobs is being an insurance sales agent who had to knock every single door to sell the service. On the first day of work, he was able to sell one package and his customer died not so long after that.

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Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie was the best sandwich-maker in Subway

Margot Robbie

According to The Bird Of Preys actress, she worked as a sandwich-maker in fast food franchise Subway and was one of the best employees who made sure all ingredients were distributed eventually. However, she doesn't want to come to the Subway anymore as she is not satisfied with the ways new staff make sandwiches.

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