Black Widow's alternate last stand in Avengers: Endgame is finally available online on Disney Plus. Before the movie was released, a lot of people expect that some characters would kick the bucket in Endgame, but "Black Widow" Natasha Romanoff was nowhere near the top of the list. This seems to be from a completely different cut of the movie - with a lot of details differs from what the Russo Brothers used in the final cut.

The scene we got in the theatrical version of Endgame was definitely more... personal to both Hawkeye and Black Widow, with them fighting each other for the right to sacrifice so that the others could live to bring back the Soul Stone. Things play out very differently in this original alternate death scene, however - they would arrive on Vormir and get ambushed by Thanos and his army on the way. Taking quite a few blaster shots on the chest, Natasha was reduced to a crawl - however, she still managed to jump off the cliff on time to save Clint Barton, as the Mad Titan Thanos is running up behind him.

Avengers Endgame Natasha Clint Vormir Copertina 12
The relationship between Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton is very bittersweet and tragic - they loved each other, but can never get together.

This scene is really violent and super unsettling, more action-packed but less emotional - maybe that is the reason the scene was removed. The theatrical version really showed the emotional depth and history between Clint Barton "Hawkeye" and Natasha Romanoff "Black Widow".  Apparently, there was another version with Hawkeye being the one sacrificed as well - but they decided against using it after consulting the opinions of the movie's female crew. According to them, the character of Black Widow deserves this last swan song.

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