Mark Ruffalo is a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor had the opportunity to participate in several films in the franchise, and has always been very happy to embody the character of the Hulk. Recently, in an interview with Variety, the actor revealed some of his dreams and goals linked to said Marvel character. He apparently hopes that at some point the Hulk and Wolverine could team up one day.

We know that Mark Ruffalo did not have an “origins” movie in the MCU, so to speak, not like Iron Man, Thor, or Captain America. However, the actor with his credible and sympathetic performance managed to make Mark Ruffalo's character one of the most beloved characters by fans and audience. In this way, he still had memorable scenes in these movies, many of them in Avengers: Endgame.

Mark Ruffalo Wishes For Marvel to Make a Hulk VS Wolverine Movie ...
Hulk and Wolverine fought in the comics before, but Mark Ruffalo wants to see them together on the screens

On the other hand, the green giant also had an excellent reception among fans when he became part of Thor: Ragnarok, the third installment of the God of Thunder in which both superheroes form a solid team.

Mark Ruffalo wants the Hulk next to Wolverine

Mark Ruffalo, who confirmed that he is in negotiations with Disney+ to participate in the future She-Hulk series, strongly emphasized his desire to see the Hulk alongside Wolverine. Back in 2019, during his stay at Tokyo Comic-Con, he mentioned his interest in a film starring both characters; without a doubt, it would be a very interesting movie to watch.

This time, he uttered the following words to Variety: "Maybe the Hulk and Wolverine could join forces."

The reason for the actor's obsession with Wolverine is clear. The 52-year-old actor grew up reading Marvel comics from the X-Men and Wolverine. Now that Disney has finally fulfilled its dream of buying Fox, it will be possible to include the clawed superhero in its films.

Mark Ruffalo Pitched Marvel on a Hulk vs. Wolverine Movie!
If they do appear together in a movie, let's hope there's be epic fight scenes

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