Disney has just announced about the future of Marvel's next phase of movies - the fourth phase of the MCU would be delayed to at least November 2020. Black Widow, which was supposed to be released in May, is going to replace Eternals on the November 6, 2020 slot.

The Eternals would be shifted to Feb 12, 2021, which was Shang-chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings' slot... Overall, they just take the same slot but switched the movies - this is actually pretty creative, as they would not have to book new timers. These date changes would not affect only the MCU - Mulan, which was supposed to open in March, is postponed to July 24, 2020. Jungle Cruise, the movie in that time slot, is moved to 2021.

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The release date for every movie would be shifted to the right by one

Disney is amongst the companies that are severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic - with the whole world put in quarantine, all public entertainment activities are put on hold. This, in turn, leads to the closing down of Disney's various businesses - their theme parks have shuttered, their movie lines have been delayed...

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Various famous Disney movies and shows would now be available for streaming in India

The shift in dates means that Disney is definitely not going to release their movies straight into DVD and streaming services like people was expecting. This is a move to prevent money from getting wasted, as they just can't charge as much on streaming - the theater is where all the money is at. However, some of the smaller movies of Disney would still be moved into Disney Plus, which was released in India just yesterday. The service would be named "Disney+ Hotstar", which is going to be built upon the local streaming service that was acquired from 21st Century Fox last year. Hotstar already has a massive userbase in the country - it would give Disney a massive headstart.

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