PL Thenappan, the producer of Minsara Kanna – a Tamil film from 1999, said that the plot of Parasite, 2019’s most awarded movie, was plagiarized from his movie. Because of that, they will sue the makers of the movie.

During an interview afterward, Thenappan also said that this would be a fair trade, as the Korean has sued various creations from Bollywood before on the same ground. He will be filing a case to demand compensation with help from an international lawyer.

The main cast of both movie

Bong Joon-Ho’s movie has made it into the history’s hall of fame as the first-ever foreign-language movie to ever win the Best Movie award at the Academy. Besides that, the movie also won three other categories: Best Original Screenplay, Best Director and Best Foreign Film.

Bong Joon Ho 2
Bong Joon Ho and all his Oscar statues

Afterward, Vijay fans have been rising up to support his claim on social media, however, most people do not take that very seriously. The movie’s director, Ravikumar, is actually happy about the controversy around his movie. According to him, no matter the outcome of the lawsuit, it would bring international attention to his movie – and that is more than enough. He further stated that he doesn’t know anything about the case and it would be up to the producer to work on it.

Minsara Kanna was made over twenty years ago, featuring Rambha, Khushboo and Monica Castelino. The movie was about Kaasi (Vijay) and his story after entering a rich household as a driver. He then tries to get his family member, one by one, employed in the same place afterward – with a motive. Throughout the movie, they have to keep their identities secret.

Parasite, on the other hand, was about the class divide and the discrimination in the Korean society, with the rich being very insensitive about the struggle of the less privileged. The main characters of the movie are also a lower class family who live like a “parasite”, with everything depends on the rich employers.

While the plot points of both movies have some resemblance, Parasite’s theme and plot have a very different meaning, with 2019’s enriched cultural aesthetics. Read more about Movie related articles on