Resident Evil is one of the most influential horror video games of all time. Along with Clock Tower and Silent Hill, it has been known as one of the pioneers under the survival horror genre since its first release. It has experienced a long long journey and is going to escape from the gaming platform via its spinoff on wide screens.

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness

As revealed in the Tokyo Game Show, the web series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness stars Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy - both joined the Resident Evil 2 project. The movie is seemingly based on the game of the same name and may focus more on horror scenes than some previous Resident Evil CG versions. Fans and the gaming community must fall in love with this web series, especially when Leon Kennedy and Claire, once again, portray the main roles.

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness Netflix

On its official Twitter page, Netflix Portugal has recently released a trailer for the upcoming CG web series. The trailer starts with the scene in which a young girl discovers a desolate house. She turns out to be Claire Redfield in Resident Evil 2. She is covered by zombies and then kills them with a handgun.

The next scene mentions a guy who is saving another one from zombies. He is nobody but Leon Kennedy, one of the most familiar faces in the franchise. The trailer ends when the title Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness appears on the screen.

It’s hard to determine when the movie is happening. Leon seems to have no differences from himself in Resident Evil 2’s remake. It is said that the incidents in the latest web series take place after the incident in Raccoon. Capcom producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi confirmed that Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness will be released on Netflix in 2021.


This web series is not the only project Netflix has produced based on the game. Another live-action movie mentions Albert Wesker’s daughter twins. It is set in two different periods and may add more information about the Wesker family. It is produced by Constantin Film - a company that specializes in producing live-action movies.

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