Looks like Hollywood has finally found a way to adapt video games into movie reliably. Sonic the Hedgehog is an adventure comedy film featuring characters from Capcom's flagship title with the same name. The movie was probably made following Detective Pikachu's success previously, however, based on the opening weekend's current record, it has even surpassed Detective Pikachu and is on the route to becoming the best video game adaptation ever. Below is a tweet from the movie's director, Jeff Fowler, on Sonic's phenomenal opening.


If this movie is able to match Detective Pikachu, a sequel would be more or less similarly guaranteed, with a 3 years development schedule. One of Sonic the Hedgehog's writer is also writing the script for Detective Pikachu 2. It is unfortunate that the movie has to be released during this season, however, as the nCoV plague has been raging all over the Asian countries, limiting theaters and revenues.

In the movie, Sonic teams up with Tom, a local sheriff to escape from the corrupt government controlled by Doctor Robotnik. This character voiced by Jim Carrey is Sonic's nemesis, whose drive is to steal Sonic's power to imbue his robot creations.

New Vs Old Sonic Hedgehog
One of the biggest controversies related to this movie is Sonic's design. The right side is the original realistic design - the final design is on the right side

While critics gave the movie only a 60, its Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score is sky high - it is currently 95%, with over 2500 reviews submitted. Fans of the series are coming out in droves to support the adaptation, with the general consensus being "this is a good movie that happens to have Sonic in it" and "you do not have to be the fan of the Sonic series to understand the movie".

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