Sunny Deol’s older son Karan Deol had his debut in 2019 with Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas. As he is soon going to be seen in a new film, Rajveer Deol - Deol’s younger child is also set for his first movie in Bollywood.

Who is this Sunny Deol son and will he make it big like his famous clan? See everything available about Rajveer Deol here.

Rajveer Deol

Rajvir Deol movie

Bollywood has seen a lot of celebrity children taking on the legacy of their family and carving a niche in the town. Suniel Sethi’s son, Aamir Khan’s son, or Anil Kapoor’s child Harshvardhan are the most current new names.

And Rajveer Deol is the next member in the Deol clan to set a foothold for himself in the dazzling Bollywood kingdom. Sunny Deol has announced his son’s venture into the movie industry with a tweet,

“My son Rajveer starts his journey as an actor. Rajshri Productions proudly announces the collaboration of Rajveer Deol and Avnish Barjatya in a coming -of-age love story. A beautiful journey awaits ahead.”

Rajveer Deol 2
Sunny Deol son name is Rajveer Deol.

Meanwhile, Rajvir Deol’s grandfather Dharmendra also took time to introduce him on social media. He shared,

“Introducing my grandson #RajveerDeol to the world of cinema along with #Avnishbarjatya directorial debut. I humbly request you all to shower the same love and affection on both the kids as you have for me. Good luck and God bless.”

Rajveer Deol 3
Several young actors will also rope in for this movie with Rajvir playing the lead role.

Reportedly, Sunny Deol son will mark his debut with filmmaker Avnish Barjatya’s unnamed wedding rom-com. According to some grapevines, the movie will take on the lines of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Ayan Mukerji’s hit flick.

The makers said that it will have the concept of relationship and live in the modern world. The movie is anticipated to have its release in 2022. In the meantime, the name of the female lead has not been revealed.

Rajvir Deol biography

Before his debut in the town, let’s have a quick look through Rajvir Deol biography.

Rajvir Deol And Karan Deol 2
Rajvir Deol and Karan Deol with their father.

Sunny Deol son name is Rajveer Deol. Coming from a famous family, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His father is a top film actor, director, producer, politician current member of parliament.

Rajveer Deol is also the nephew of famed actor Bobby Deol. Apart from that, his grandfather is the Indian icon Dharmendra and his elder brother was introduced 2 years ago.

Sunny Deol Dharmendra And Bobby Deol
Sunny Deol, Dharmendra, and Bobby Deol make a powerful trio in the clan.

He has been more lowkey than the rest of his family as he was studying in the UK. Majored in theatre, he comes back and worked as an assistant director. The young man has trained under the revision of movie and theater director Feroz Abbas Khan.

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Rajvir Deol age

After the news of Rajveer Deol and his debut, netizens have been on the high search for his information.

Rajveer Deol In A Private Dance Training
Rajvir Deol age is 24 as of 2021.

However, no sources have found the detail of Rajvir Deol date of birth. We will have this updated as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, he is 5.6 tall and seems to have an ideal measurement. Although his photos are rare, he is said to have the opportunity to become one of the hottest guys in Bollywood.

Rajvir Deol photo

As of now, there is still a limited amount of Rajvir Deol photos. The only times that he appeared in the frame are when he was with his family.

Rajveer Deol With His Family
Rajvir Deol family

A while back, Rajvir Deol photo with his famous family had made the entire social media talk. The Sunny Deol son was seen sitting beside his father, his mother Pooja, and his big brother Karan.

Occasionally, he can also be spotted accompanying his dad to some events. We can take a look at his childhood photos before more of Rajvir Deol images are released.

Rajvir Deol And Karan Deol
Rajvir Deol and Karan Deol when they were young.

Meanwhile, we can get to know him a bit through the words of those who know him in real life.

Director Avnish Barjatya talked about the debutante in a statement,

 “Rajveer speaks with his eyes. He has a silent charisma and is tremendously hard-working. The more time we spent talking about the project, the more I began to see Rajveer as the protagonist in my film.”

Rajvir Deol And Karan Deol 1
The brothers with their mother.

Let’s see how Rajveer Deol performs in his first Bollywood flick. Are you excited to watch him on the big screens? We do.

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