Alita: Battle Angel is expected the next blockbuster from the producers of the legendary Titanic and Avatar. The inspiration behind the movie is the Japanese manga of the same name, wrote by Yukito Kishiro in the 90s. Since its reveal of the first trailer months ago, the film has been in the spotlight. The influences of the anime version are shown clearly in the appearance of the character, especially the big, mesmerizing eyes of Alita.

Announced to be out on December 21st, this film was delayed and does not ready to screen until next year. The release of the new trailer seems to make up for the fact that fans cannot enjoy the film this holiday seasons.

James Cameroon never fails his fan with the brilliant, innovative ideas of how films should be made. This time, he gave up his position as the director and handed it to Robert Rodriguez. The key innovation of this project is the title character of Alita, an amnesiac female cyborg who is a 100%-animated character, created by the motion-captured style. James has been working on this film for up to two decades, and Robert, who definitely stepped out of his comfort zone with this movie, tries his best not to let James down.


The previous trailers, dropped in July, focused on the life of Alita and how she struggled to find herself. This new trailer, however, cast some lights another battle that she had to face: the real fight, involving running, beating and slicing up the bad guys.

From the trailer, audiences can expect various cases that challenged Alita. Her enemies were equipped with blade arms and modern weapons from head to toe. Would Alita defeat them, and if yes, how would she manage to do that? We will have to wait for the premiere of the film to have our answers.


Fans can hit the theaters on February 14th, 2019 to enjoy the next block-buster Alita: Battle Angel.