On Nov 14, 2018, Walt Disney has just dropped a new trailer for its upcoming live-action movie, Dumbo. The trailer lasts only about two and a half minutes, consisting of heartbreaking screens that make audience in tears.

Let's check out this newest trailer for Dumbo!

Overview of the Dumbo Movie

The upcoming movie Dumbo is the adaptation of the same name animated film produced by Walt Disney Studio in 1941. In particular, it retells a children story written by Helen Aberson and Harold Pearl about a baby elephant with over-sized ears and the magic ability to fly. Besides the key base, this remake has several differences in storyline and characters in comparison with the origin. According to Walt Disney, they want to expand the original and its humanistic value rather than doing a mere remake.

"The original ends with the elephant flying. This one begins with that and go even further." (Danny DeVito, actor in the role of circus owner Max Medici)

"We've expanded the story, taking that as a jumping-off point for Dumbo's newest story." (Cathleen Tiff, a Disney big boss)

Disney Dumbo Movie 1104601
Dumbo's flying scene in the original in 1941

Moreover, in this remake, the supporting character, Timothy, a mouse and Dumbo's best friend, is replaced by the two lovely kids. They are the children of Holt Farrier, one of the two circus owners.

Dumbo's plot

The brand new trailer for Dumbo has unveiled parts of its plot detail. In order to pursue "Dreamland", the two owners of a struggling circus decide to sell Dumbo's mother. This cruel separation scene between adorable Dumbo and his mother become an obsession not only for kids but also for adult audiences. Then, the story seems to turn even darker when revealing some dirty secrets of the circus to revive its fading fortunes. Fortunately, with the kindness and deep sympathy towards Dumbo, the children of one of the two owners are eager to help him reunite with his mom. It is obvious that the audience can experience the magic, wonder, happiness, and even sorrow during the two-and-half-minute trailer. 

Gallery 1542266998 Dumbo Trailer
The audience can experience the magic, wonder, happiness, and even sorrow during the newest trailer

The cast for Dumbo consists of a number of movie stars like Michael Keaton, Eva Green, Colin Farrell, Alan Arkin, Danny DeVito, etc.

Walt Disney has unveiled the official release date for Dumbo, which is on March 29, 2019.