The Fast & Furious series has been growing steadily into a giant franchise, with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker creating a solid foundation in the first seven movies. Even after Walker’s untimely passing, the saga persists with Vin Diesel… and it is on its way to a 10th installment, not counting spinoffs. The tenth movie would be a very meaningful milestone to Vin Diesel – because of past promises.

Walker and Diesel in a movie's premiere

During a recent interview, Vin Diesel has revealed more about his relationship with his co-star and friend Paul Walker, who Diesel fondly referred to as “my brother Pablo”. Furthermore, he also recalled another interview he did with Walker back in 2013, in which the guy expressed his aspiration for the franchise’s future.

The crew together in Fast & Furious 5

According to Diesel, Walker was always very excited about the Fast movies, how successful they are and how often the producers have been making them. Walker loved the story and the direction the franchise has been going – in a later conversation, he even expressed the idea to create at least 10 Fast & Furious movies.

F9 Header Vin Diesel John Cena
Cena's character was based on Paul Walker

Diesel could have put a stop to this franchise long ago – but he still persists because of Walker’s wish in order to reach the 10 movie mark. The two actors share a close relationship in real life and Diesel still continues to think about his late friend even years after his passing. Paul Walker was, in fact, the main inspiration for John Cena’s character in F9, the upcoming Fast sequel.

After the crew has done with Fast & Furious 9, more talks have been turning over to Fast 10. While the story details haven’t been disclosed, it is rumored that Diesel is going to split the final movie into 2 parts, just like Avenger Infinity War or Harry Potter. Unfortunately, the movie is not going to be filming anytime soon, as Fast 9 is currently delayed until April 2, 2021, because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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