As a superhero movie, Avengers: Endgame has built and followed a stable set of scientific laws. Yet even when the film is out there and opens for all types of explanation, there are certainly some intriguing hypothesis and questions that would arouse some curious minds' interest. One of them being whether the Avengers can (or should) kill the baby Thanos, and what will that lead to.

To clarify the question, Marvel authors have given out a possibility.

But before jumping right into it, make sure that you are spoiler-proof by having seen the movies or not afraid of being spoiled at all since the article below contains heavy spoilers for Avengers: Endgame.

The problems with time travel

In Avengers: Endgame, right before the heroes set off for their Time Heist, Rhodey raises an interesting question that is related to time travel theory. The question is: If the team is gonna go to the past to steal the infinity stones before they were gathered by the Big Purple Villain, why don't they make it simpler by going back to when Thanos was just a weak, vulnerable baby?

It's easy, eh?

And we all know that the rest of the team didn't allow that hypothesis to happen. Simple: first off, Avengers can't commit such a crime on an innocent. Second of all, that won't work as well. Just as Prof. Hulk has (almost) managed to explain, time travel doesn't work in traditional films such as Back To The Future. Once you go back in time, the reality which you just arrived is your new reality and everything you do will affect your future only, meaning the original reality (or timeline as they call it) remains no matter what.

So War Machine's ambitious intention doesn't work out, but What If someone tried to do it? Well, the case actually happened by the hand of Marvel's most famous anti-hero Frank Castle.

Frank's surprising journey

The hypothesis happens in a parallel universe called Earth TRN666. In this world, Frank Castle is still who we know, a discharged soldier whose family was killed and is obsessed with vengeance and punishment. Except for the fact that every hero and person on Earth was slaughtered by The Mad Titan.

Unwilling to accept the defeat, Frank continued to take Mephisto's offer as a Ghost Rider, and while spending countless years seeking for Thanos to take revenge, he encountered a severely beaten Galactus, who also held a grudge against Thanos for destroying all the planets that he could have devoured. The two decided to cooperate and Frank was given the Cosmic power just like The Silver Surfer, which makes him even more powerful.

Unfortunately, that wasn't enough. Thanos easily kicked both of them's asses and took Frank as his new servant. After a series of tragic and dramatic incidents with Thanos and his undying love for Death, Frank was killed and sent to another universe's Valhalla.

But years of vengeance and anger turned Frank mad. He wasn't able to get along with Odin's land, and so the Allfather decided to give him one final grant: to give him his deadly powers back and send him to wherever he wanted to go. An guess what? Frank assertively wished to go back to Titan when Thanos was just a baby.

Baby Thanos
Even the mighty, cruel Frank Castle can't manage to kill an evil-potent being, despite he was freaked out by what it did right before that. Watch Cosmic Ghost Rider: Baby Thanos Must Die for more.

But what happened next will shock you. After using the Penance Stare on the baby, he realized that this purple being is innocent and pure, so the mighty and mad Ghost Rider, after suffering all the terrible brought about by his future self, can't manage to kill baby Thanos.

And what's even more shocking that will make you wonder what has hit Frank's head so hard (no joke intended, he was basically hit by Hulk's building debris in the head, which led to his first death) that he decided to raise baby Thanos with his own way to prevent him from being a tyrant that would lay waste to the entire universe for the sake of love.

Yes, despite the mighty Galactus' and The Watcher's advice, Frank was still consistent with his decision. But things quickly went bad. Really bad. Worse.

Not only couldn't his timeline be recovered, but he instead made it worse by creating another timeline branch that would be messed up by another evil Thanos. It turns out that after adopting Thanos, a group of angry Guardians of The Galaxy came back time after time, trying to kill the baby Thanos only to be killed by the two (seriously, these guys don't know anything about time travel). Seeing all the massacre, baby Thanos took Frank's as a model and took on his ideology to punish the universe. This mad Thanos finally managed to go back in time to pick up his foster father and past self.

Punisher Thanos
How can't you think that this is actually really cute?

To be honest, it was a really messed up series of events, especially after Frank had to kill his adopted son's future self and take the purple baby back to where he belongs to, only to realize that he had been taken advantage of by Mistress Death all along.

The morals of the story

It seems like Thanos just simply can't be good after all. It's not only Mistress Death's role in using him as a powerful force serving her purpose, but the evilness is already inside him. What Frank tried and failed proved that changing the past, even with good intentions, is not the way to go. Everything happens because it has to, and the only way to not mess it up even worse is letting it be.

But just imagine what War Machine would do if he was Frank. I think he would turn Thanos into some kinds of homicidal tyrant that would lay waste to anyone dare not to laugh at his jokes. Seriously.

Thanos War Machine
The character Thanos in Avengers: Endgame leaves much controversy for the audience.

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