As one of the most-awaited movies this summer, Wonder Woman 1984 is being widely promoted and promisingly brings lots of excitement to DC’s fans. Since the first adventure of Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) came out 03 years ago, there have been many changes in the DC universe, including the establishment of the Justice League and the arrival of Shazam and Aquaman. Now, we are once again eager to know what is hiding inside the new adventure of Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman's new look.

Empire has just published some newest HD images of Diana Prince, showing this superhero has changed from her look to how she has grown. In the first movie, Diana didn’t know much about the society around her, as well as the troubles of the world. However, this time, we shall see a different Diana: wiser, more mature, and also lonelier after losing her team.

What could drag Wonder Woman out of the limitless loneliness? It must be “something crazy”. For example, the reappearance of her teammate and lover Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). According to the images published by Empire, one image showed Diana and Steve were holding together.

Diana Prince and her lover and teammate Steve Trevor.

And the other one showed Diana was in the golden armor.

Wonder Woman in the golden armor.

The golden armor must be one of the most noticeable things in the movie Wonder Woman 1984. The metallic wings will help her to fly more easily and without the invisible jet. It is the first time this skill has appeared in the DC universe. That’s not all. In fact, the armor even looks more gorgeous and more expensive than what Marvel’s rich playboy Iron Man has.

The metallic wings will be another plus point for the golden armor of Wonder Woman.
Who do you think looks more gorgeous, DC's Wonder Woman or Marvel's Iron Man?