Sony has dropped a huge bomb of information on us about the launch of its next-gen console - PlayStation 5. The biggest news about PS5 comes from Sony Interactive Entertainment's CEO Jim Ryan, which are the release windows of the console. To be more specific, PS5 will launch at sometimes during 'Holiday 2020'.

And while we have to wait for more than one year to see PlayStation 5, there is a lot of new information on the console's features. Too much as I might say, so I've summarized it for you in this article. Here are the 10 most exciting new details about PS5, which you can have a look to catch up with the report:

1. Its official name is PS5

Before this report came out, we have been making a guess that the latest console from Sony will follow the same naming tradition since 1994. Hence, the "so-called" PlayStation 5 is now officially PlayStation 5 (PS5 for short).

10 New Details On Ps5 1
I hope Sony will not make the logo look like 'PSS'

And if you are wondering whether Sony will choose a different release date to avoid the latest consoles from Microsoft - Xbox Project Scarlet, you have your answer now. With its 'Holiday 2020' release windows, PS5 is ready to take on the toe-to-toe battle with Xbox Project Scarlett. This is very interesting, as we've known that PS5 is not going to be a slight update just like PS4 and PS4 Pro.

10 New Details On Ps5 2
PS5 will come out at the same windows as Xbox Project Scarlett

Let's see who will be the winner!

2. The first confirmed PS5 game is coming from Bluepoint Games

And no, it's not Ghost of Tsushima, as it will still be a PS4-exclusive game. Instead, CEO Jim Ryan has confirmed that the first game for PS5 will come from the hands of the remake specialist - Bluepoint Games. If you haven't heard of this developer, it's the studio behind the recent PS4 remake of Shadow of the Colossus.

10 New Details On Ps5 3
Bluepoint Games will make the first exclusive game for PS5

However, that's all we know about the game so far. The president of Bluepoint - Marco Thrush has tried his best to keep this game as mysterious as possible, only leaving a little tease. They are "working on a big one [remake] right now" - said Marco. Probably, Demon's Souls remake is the most likely to be this game, as there are rumors about the progress recently.

10 New Details On Ps5 4
Will it be Demon's Souls?

3. The V-shape leaked kit is very likely PlayStation 5

There are a bunch of imaginary images of PlayStation 5 out there, but we don't know which of them is the closest to Sony's next-gen console. However, until yesterday, we have a really good hint on how PS5 will look like, and it's the V-shape model that has a brand new cooling system. You can see it down here:

10 New Details On Ps5 5
The leaked kit that can be PS5

Sony has primed that their new cooling design will help get rid of the annoying noisy fan problem existing in the PS4, but can this gaudy behemoth-looking design really useful? We can only find out when PS5 launches.

10 New Details On Ps5 6
Will this design help getting rid of the noise from the fans?

4. PS5 will have a heavy game-eccentric UI

From its beginning, PlayStation devices have been made mainly for gaming, so this news comes as no surprise. PS5's lead architect has confirmed that they will "completely revamp" the user interface of PS5, which will boost users' experience with entering their games.

10 New Details On Ps5 7
PlayStation 5's UI will be heavy game-eccentric

To be more specific, Sony wants its next-gen console to be efficient in telling players what they can do with games. To be more specific, you won't have to open the game up to see what's new, but the UI will give you such information beforehand. It including activities or missions that you can get, giving you a brief outlook without continuously opening and closing the games.

5. Demos will be made by Japan Studio and Polyphony Digital

In order to show off the powerful features of PS5, Sony has assigned Japan Studio and Polyphony Digital to make demos. If you haven't heard of them, Japan Studio is Sony's internal studio that made Astro Bot Rescue Mission for PSVR.

10 New Details On Ps5 8
Astro Bot Rescue Mission is the game from the hands of Japan Studio

Meanwhile, Polyphony Digital is a studio behind the car-racing PlayStation-exclusive series Gran Turismo, and they've been very loyal to SJE since. Their objectives will be creating a small demos that can highlight the power of PS5 as well as the new haptic features in the controllers going with this console.

6. Sony will rethink and create a new controller with PS5

Through this reveal, we've known that the new-gen Dualshock controller will have significant changes. In fact, just like the name of PlayStation 5 before, we can't just call this new kind of controller as Dualshock yet.

10 New Details On Ps5 9
Will it be 'Dualshock 5'?

But set that aside, this new controller will still keep the traditional design codes of Sony's consoles, but it will feature some new features. As an example, it will be integrated with an enhanced speaker, as well as haptic feedback. It's kind of a new vibration/rumble technique, which will better portray in-game action directly to your fingertips.

Furthermore, Sony will replace the L2 and R2 triggers with brand new buttons as well, which features various stages of resistance based on in-game situations. Personally I don't like this feature since the buttons could be broken with unreasonable forces.

7. The controller will have a USB Type-C charging port

This is a good news for players who is sick of getting their cables intertwined everywhere on the floor.

10 New Details On Ps5 10
PS5 controllers will support charging through a USB Type-C port

It's also worth mentioning that the new-gen controller will be heavier than the Dualshock 4, but lighter than the Xbox One X controllers that have a battery inside.

8. PS5 allows you to customize your installation progress

Video games are taking more and more disk space over time. And as SSD with high capacity is definitely not cheap, the SSD in PS5 will not be able to handle such 100GB games. Hence, Sony has come up with a solution: allowing you to install specific parts of the game.

10 New Details On Ps5 11
PS5 will not require you to install the full game

Specifically, instead of installing the whole game before being able to play, you can now opt to install certain parts and dive in right away. For example, with video games that support both Multiplayer mode and Single-player mode, you can choose to install the portions that you want to play, and don't have to care for the remainings.

This will speed up the whole game installing progress, and it's very useful for players will limited gaming time.

9. PS5 will support ray-tracing from its hardware

Before this report came out, we only know that PS5 will support ray-tracing, but we don't know for sure that it will be hardware- or software-related.

10 New Details On Ps5 12
Video games on PS5 will be much more beautiful with Ray-tracing on

But now, Sony has wiped our fears away by confirming that the GPU hardware in PlayStation 5 will contain ray-tracing acceleration.

10. PS5 will be strong enough to play 4k Blu-ray videos

Apart from many intriguing gaming features, Sony does care about other entertaining means as well. As a result, PlayStation 5 will be able to play "100GB optical disk", as well as Blu-ray videos at 4k resolution.

10 New Details On Ps5 13
PS5 can play Blu-ray videos at 4k resolutions, which PS4 and PS4 Pro can't.

To remind you, the strongest PS console now - the PS4 - doesn't support 4k Blu-ray. With this new feature, PS5 will pose enough potentials for game developers to further enhance their games.