Sony has been hinting the new console for the famous PlayStation console series for months. Last month, this company has leaked some information about the spec of this new console via an interview of Mark Cerny – lead system architect of Sony. A lot of great features have been promised by Mark Cerny, but so far we have not had any information about the image and the price of the next console in the PlayStation console series. Even the information about the name of the next console is kept in dark.

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Mark Cerny

While we are still desperately waiting for more leaks from Sony about those sections, this global technology corporation has other ideas in mind. Just recently, Sony has shown off the capability of the next console (so called PS5) in a clip during a meeting of Sony in Japan. This clip showed the loading time of the PS5 and the PS4 Pro with the same scene so that we can see how faster the new PS5 console can be in comparison with the PS4 Pro console.

Takashi Mochizuki - a journalist of The Wall Street Journal - was in the meeting and he captured the clip for us via a tweet on his Twitter account:

In the clip of Sony, we have seen the loading time of the new PS5 is really great, much shorter than the loading time of the PS4 Pro. There have not been any confirmations for the reason of this fast loading time, but we believe the reason is the SSD hard drive of the PS5. In the interview of Mark Cerny last month, he confirmed that the SSD would be a core feature of the PS5, beside an AMD chip and graphics card. If PS5 can be this good, and have the backward capability for PS4 games, then it is surely a worthy investment.

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PS5 will feature AMD chips and cards