Minecraft has experienced numerous transformations throughout its existence, including alterations in biomes and gameplay mechanics. However, the user interface (UI) and heads-up display (HUD) have largely remained unaltered. If you believe it's high time to rejuvenate the HUD and infuse it with fresh elements, we are ready to assist you with a compilation of the finest Minecraft HUD modifications. These mods range from introducing subtle enhancements to completely replacing the default HUD with innovative alternatives. Considering the extensive nature of the list, let's not delay any further and delve straight into it!

1. Xaero’s Minimap

Similar to many sandbox games, Minecraft doesn't include a dedicated map within its heads-up display (HUD). This might not be a significant concern in the early stages of gameplay, but it can quickly become frustrating. Additionally, even if you create a map in Minecraft, it only covers a small portion of the vast world within the game.

Xaeros Minimap Mod
Xaero’s Minimap

Fortunately, Xaero's Minimap is one of the finest mods available to address this issue by incorporating a fixed minimap into the HUD. It bears a resemblance to the in-game map that can be crafted, but it also provides other valuable information such as mods, structures, and even a dedicated cave mode. This mod is ideal for players who wish to explore the Minecraft world without exerting excessive effort in locating valuable resources.

2. Durability Show

Experiencing the sudden breakage of your tool during combat or mining can be highly frustrating. In order to add realism to the game, Minecraft incorporates durability for most usable items, causing them to eventually break over time. However, the durability indicator in the game isn't very prominent and can be challenging for newcomers to comprehend.

Durability Show

Fortunately, the Minecraft mod called "Durability Show" simplifies the understanding of durability by converting the item's health bars into numerical values displayed in the user interface (UI). With this mod, you can easily view the durability of each item in the bottom right corner of the HUD, allowing you to replace them before they run out. This mod proves particularly useful for assessing the efficiency of each tool and determining the cost of in-game actions.

3. Smart HUD

The key to a great heads-up display (HUD) lies in its simplicity, and the Smart HUD mod for Minecraft precisely delivers that. It reorganizes the entire Hotbar for effortless visibility and introduces an extra slot on the right side for the off-hand. This allows you to use items like the Totem of Undying without needing to sacrifice space for the compass or other essential tools. This is just one of the various benefits this mod offers to players. Install this Minecraft UI mod and explore its additional uses firsthand.

Smart Hud Mod
Smart HUD

4. OneBar Minecraft HUD

In Minecraft, a survival game, it is crucial to monitor various factors such as hunger, health, and even harmful effects. Neglecting any of these aspects can prove dangerous and potentially fatal. However, this constant need to keep track of every bodily element can create significant pressure for players.

15444468 Xl
OneBar Minecraft HUD

OneBar emerges as one of the leading Minecraft HUD mods designed to alleviate this burden. It replaces the individual elements with a single bar that primarily displays overall health. Positive effects are shown on the left side of the bar, while negative effects are displayed on the right side. When hungry, the hunger bar appears atop the health bar, and while swimming, the water bar takes precedence. By utilizing this mod, players only need to focus on one bar at a time, easing the burden of monitoring multiple factors simultaneously.

5. Console Experience

Among the official Minecraft interfaces, the legacy console editions are the ones that benefitted the most. Their HUD is straightforward, informative, and user-friendly. They offer comprehensive tooltips, a floating Hotbar, animated icons, a player representation, and even visually appealing Minecraft menus as an added bonus. If you desire to enjoy all these features on Minecraft Java Edition, you can do so by utilizing the console experience UI mod. Take the opportunity to explore and experience this mod for yourself.

2020 09 10 18
Console Experience

6. Neat Minecraft UI

Due to the extensive range of Minecraft mobs available in the game, it becomes nearly impossible to familiarize yourself with each one and effectively engage in combat. Even if you can identify them, determining which specific mob needs to be defeated to obtain a particular item can be challenging. Furthermore, Minecraft enchantments that only work on specific mobs add an additional layer of complexity, creating a significant challenge for new players.

Neat Mod
Neat Minecraft UI

Minecraft HUD mods like Neat aim to address this steep learning curve and simplify mob interactions. These mods introduce floating health bars above mobs, providing crucial information about their difficulty level. Additionally, the health bars also display the mob's name, attributes, and even the armor they are equipped with. With this information readily available, players can plan their approach and strategy before engaging with any given mob in Minecraft.

7. Advanced Compass

The compass in Minecraft is often overlooked as it has limited usefulness in specific situations. However, with the Advanced Compass mod, you can benefit from its functionality at all times. Mods like this introduce a floating bar on top of your Minecraft HUD, displaying valuable information such as the distance and icons of the nearest mobs, players, and waypoints. This Advanced Compass becomes a reliable guide whether you're searching for a friend on an online server or seeking a specific mob within your own world. It enhances navigation and provides valuable assistance in various gameplay scenarios.

Advanced Compass Mod
Advanced Compass

8. Traveler’s Titles

Traveler's Titles is a straightforward Minecraft HUD mod that adds an immersive RPG-like element to the game whenever you enter a new area. As you venture into different biomes and dimensions, this mod displays their names on the screen. This feature closely resembles the experience of exploring new regions in popular RPG video games and seamlessly integrates with the default gameplay of Minecraft. Additionally, you have the flexibility to customize the placement of the text and even use Traveler's Titles HUD alongside other Minecraft mods that focus on biomes.

2021 07 18 04 1
Traveler’s Titles

9. WTHIT Minecraft HUD

What The Hell Is That, or WTHIT, is an ideal mod for alleviating the challenge of remembering the functionalities of the vast array of Minecraft blocks and mobs. By incorporating this mod into your game, you simply need to direct your gaze towards a block or a mob, and its name will be displayed at the top. Additionally, the mod indicates whether the item belongs to the vanilla game or a specific mod.

Jade 1
WTHIT Minecraft HUD

This information is presented through a discreet tooltip reminiscent of the default advancements tooltip positioned at the top of the screen. While seasoned players may eventually become familiar with the intricacies of Minecraft's world and no longer rely on this mod, it serves as a valuable resource for beginners embarking on their Minecraft journey.


Among the Minecraft HUD mods featured in our list, most primarily modify specific sections of the in-game overlay. However, this particular mod goes beyond that by providing a complete overhaul of the default HUD. It introduces a fresh visual aesthetic and incorporates several new features reminiscent of those found in other role-playing games. While the initial appearance may seem overwhelming, once you become accustomed to it, you'll discover significant advantages.

Rpg Hud Mod 1

Upon installing the mod, the Hotbar at the bottom of the screen exclusively showcases the accessible inventory. Your health and hunger bars relocate to the top left corner, alongside indicators for armor and tool durability. Furthermore, when you observe a specific mob, the UI displays pertinent information such as its name and health bar. In essence, this mod combines a range of useful features from various Minecraft mods into a single package, providing a comprehensive and enhanced gameplay experience.

11. Inventory HUD+

Inventory HUD+ is an incredibly feature-rich Minecraft HUD mod that offers three distinct heads-up displays. Among them, the most noteworthy is the dedicated inventory UI, which conveniently showcases your player inventory without the need to frequently open it. Another valuable feature is the potions HUD, specifically designed for Minecraft potions and their effects. It includes a duration bar that visually represents how long a particular effect will last. Typically, such details are tucked away inside the players' inventory.

Inventory HUD+

Additionally, this Minecraft mod provides an armor HUD that displays the durability of your armor and tools. It even shows the quantity of combat items, such as arrows and Totems of Undying, present in your inventory. What makes this mod particularly impressive is its high level of customization. Users have the ability to adjust the transparency, placement, and scale of all the dedicated displays according to their preferences. With Inventory HUD+, you can personalize your HUD to suit your specific needs and enhance your overall gaming experience.

12. Advancement Plaques

Advancement Plaques addresses the underwhelming nature of advancements in the game. Unlike in other video games, advancements in Minecraft often lack the desired impact. In fact, there are even advancements such as "Country Lode, Take Me Home" that many players may not be aware of.

Advancement Plaques

To inject some excitement into your advancements, the Advancement Plaques mod offers a solution. It presents all in-game advancements through special pop-ups accompanied by custom sound effects. Now, when you achieve something remarkable in the game, the entire world will be informed and celebrated. With Advancement Plaques, your accomplishments in Minecraft become more visible and memorable, adding an extra layer of satisfaction to your gameplay.

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