Minecraft 1.20, also known as the Trails & Tales update, is set to introduce a fresh in-game biome called cherry groves. These biomes typically appear near mountain ranges and offer players new cherry trees for obtaining wood. Moreover, they serve as habitats for passive animals like sheep and bees. In summary, cherry groves add a pleasant and advantageous aspect to survival adventures.

Despite the complete release of the Minecraft 1.20 update pending, the community has already discovered numerous excellent world seeds that contain cherry groves, thanks to Java snapshots and Bedrock previews. Since the Trails & Tales update will not significantly affect world generation upon its launch, many seeds discovered during its beta phase should continue to function effectively afterward.

For Minecraft enthusiasts seeking to explore cherry groves, there are the 6 best seeds to try out in 1.20.

1. Cherry grove village

  • 4167799982467607063 (Java/Bedrock)

While Minecraft 1.20 won't initially include cherry wood villages, certain seeds have provided us with the next best alternative. This particular Java/Bedrock seed serves as a prime example.

F9561 16849893988503 1920
Cherry grove village

Upon spawning, players will find themselves inside a plains village situated within a relatively expansive cherry grove biome. Within this setting, they can gather cherry tree wood and engage in trade with the villagers before venturing further into the seed. Moreover, those who explore beneath the village and its surroundings in both Java and Bedrock Editions will stumble upon intriguing structures.

In the Java Edition, Minecraft players can discover an abandoned mineshaft located at coordinates (X: -104, Z: 8), while Bedrock Edition fans can encounter an ancient city at coordinates (X: 120, Y: -51, Z: 72).

2. Lake surrounded by cherry trees

  • -4393957161765406855 (Java/Bedrock)

Initially, this Minecraft seed may appear quite ordinary. However, if you're willing to journey a few hundred blocks from the spawn point, you'll stumble upon an exceptional cherry grove biome that offers ample space for construction.

48265 16849903485506 1920
Lake surrounded by cherry trees

Around coordinates (X: -930, Z: 650) or thereabouts, you'll discover a substantial cherry grove surrounding a small lake. This grove conceals numerous abandoned mineshafts beneath its surface, and in the vicinity, you can also locate a dilapidated Nether portal at (X: -904, Z: 712) in the Java Edition and (X: -1,048, Z: 728) in the Bedrock Edition. The presence of the lake presents fantastic opportunities for creative building endeavors.

3. Small cherry grove village

  • -3110026074691520618 (Java/Bedrock)

While you won't directly spawn within a cherry grove in this particular seed, you only need to turn left and take a short journey to the approximate coordinates (X: 150, Z: -57) to reach the grove.

D6728 16849911730108 1920
Small cherry grove village

What's even better is that the grove is accompanied by a village situated at (X: 192, Z: 48) in the Java Edition and (X: 200, Z: 136) in the Bedrock Edition. Admittedly, the initial cherry grove in this seed may not be exceptionally large, but its convenient accessibility makes it so effortless for players to overlook the limited size.

4. Cherry hills

  • 6803527224970488847 (Java/Bedrock)

Dubbed the "infinite cherry grove" seed by the Minecraft content creator Ibxtoycat, this seed doesn't offer an actual boundless cherry grove biome. However, it does feature one that takes the shape of the infinity symbol. To locate the expansive cliffs hosting the cherry grove, players need to navigate to the approximate coordinates (X: 751, Z: 534) from the spawn point. Moreover, within the grove, there are notably substantial valleys that can serve as excellent sites for construction projects.

C00a1 16849919350133 1920
Cherry hills

For those in search of structures, a village can be found in close proximity at coordinates (X: 736, Z: 816) in the Java Edition and (X: 856, Z: 264) in the Bedrock Edition.

5. Blacksmith cherry village

  • 63597105496628543 (Bedrock)

Discovered by the content creator MajesticWarden, this seed presents not only cherry groves but a wealth of other attractions as well. Upon spawning, players will find themselves near a taiga village situated alongside a swamp biome. Remarkably, this village boasts a multitude of blacksmith shops, providing abundant starting materials that can be easily looted in Survival Mode. However, the cherry grove biome within this Bedrock seed is equally captivating.

Located at coordinates (X: -1,048, Z: 1,288), another village awaits, adjacent to a sizable cherry grove. Moreover, the village's proximity to a mountain reveals an ancient city nestled directly beneath it, precisely at coordinates (X: -1,080, Y: -51, Z: 1,240).

6. A forest of frozen cherries grove

  • 11017 (Java/Bedrock)

One of the primary objectives in Minecraft is to establish a home for yourself—a place to return to after thrilling adventures and a secure storage location for your resources. With that in mind, we present this exquisite seed that grants you an ideal starting point for creating your new base. On one side, you have a picturesque Cherry Grove forest, while on the other, a dark yet inviting forest awaits. Completing the scenery is a majestic snowy mountain towering behind you.

A forest of frozen cherries grove

Nearby, you can easily access a lava pool for a source of lava, a large ravine within the forest for mining ores, and a variety of trees and the mountain itself to gather all the necessary building materials. Once your base is complete, you'll find a river and an ocean conveniently located near the spawn point. With a Minecraft boat, you can embark on further explorations within the vast world of this remarkable seed.

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