The quantity of Minecraft multiplayer servers available seems endless, although certain servers are undoubtedly more preferable than others. Additionally, due to advancements made by the community and the implementation of cross-platform infrastructure by developers, servers can now be accessed on Java Edition, Bedrock Edition, or even both. Regardless of the chosen platform, players have the opportunity to discover a server that provides long-term enjoyment.

Each server possesses its own unique characteristics and features. As the number of available servers for Minecraft enthusiasts continues to grow exponentially, it can be challenging to locate the ideal server to enjoy either alone or with friends.

Fortunately, Minecraft fans looking for exceptional servers to join, based on their preferred platform, have a multitude of options to choose from. Furthermore, many servers offer multiple game modes to cater to the ever-expanding player community's diverse needs.

1. Manacube (Java)

Despite being a decade old, Manacube continues to stand as one of the largest and most populated Minecraft servers within the Java Edition community.

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Originating from modest origins, Manacube has expanded into a vast network of multiple worlds, aiming to cater to a wide range of dedicated fans by offering various beloved game modes.

While players can indulge in classic gameplay such as Survival or Creative, there is an extensive selection of other game modes available to explore. For those seeking a thrilling experience, options like Parkour, KitPvP, Skyblock Survival, and even game modes like Earth are at their disposal.

2. Mineberry (Java)

Mineberry may not cater to every Minecraft Java player, but it specifically appeals to those who prefer a more hardcore or traditional gaming experience.

Mineberry is a relatively modest server that offers a diverse range of game modes, including Survival, Bedwars, Skywars, KitPvP, and Murder Mystery. However, it also features a unique anarchy server with a vanilla-like atmosphere. In this mode, players find themselves in a true survival scenario where the game mechanics are stripped down to their bare essentials, and PvP is enabled. Within this anarchy world, players have considerable freedom to engage in various activities, as long as they adhere to the code of conduct established by the server administrators and developers.

Furthermore, Mineberry is a cracked Java server, which means that players can connect to it without the need for a Mojang or Microsoft account to log in.

3. Wynncraft (Java)

Frequently recognized as "The Minecraft MMORPG," Wynncraft stands out as a Java server offering an intricately crafted roleplaying experience set within a vast and meticulously designed world.


In Wynncraft, players are immersed in an immersive narrative where they can undertake more than 130 distinct quests. Along their journey, they have the opportunity to develop their skills, grow stronger by leveling up, and acquire valuable loot. However, the storyline merely scratches the surface, as the true essence of the server lies in its captivating endgame content.

Upon reaching the pinnacle, players can engage in a variety of challenging raids that feature formidable bosses, each with their own unique gameplay mechanics that demand quick thinking and skillful combat techniques. This ensures an exhilarating experience that keeps everyone on their toes.

4. CraftersMC (Bedrock)

CraftersMC is a Minecraft Bedrock server situated in Turkey. It may not be the most suitable choice for players with unreliable internet connections. However, the server boasts a diverse community of hundreds of active players from various language backgrounds, ensuring a multilingual experience.

The core gameplay of CraftersMC revolves around Skyblock, providing ample depth to engage players for extended periods. Additionally, the server frequently introduces updates, hosts events, and initiates resets to maintain a fresh and dynamic experience that appeals to both new players and seasoned veterans.

5. Vanilla Plus (Java)

Vanilla Plus embraces all the charming aspects of vanilla Minecraft and enhances them without compromising the core experience. The server maintains the integrity of the gameplay, allowing players to fully immerse themselves without significant alterations. Land claims, anti-griefing measures, and PvP restrictions are absent throughout except for the spawn zone.

Nevertheless, Vanilla Plus offers a useful feature by enabling players to teleport to their friends and bases, preventing them from feeling overwhelmed in the untamed wilderness reminiscent of anarchy-style gameplay. While this server may not be the preferred choice for all players due to its relatively relaxed set of rules, avid fans who appreciate the original Minecraft experience can derive ample enjoyment from it.

6. FallenTech (Bedrock)

For Minecraft enthusiasts seeking a server with diverse gameplay options and a manageable player count, FallenTech is worth considering, particularly for those playing on mobile devices compatible with Pocket Edition.

FallenTech provides an array of game modes such as Skyblock, Factions, KitPvP, and Prison, while maintaining a user count of approximately a hundred players across these modes. This fosters a close-knit community of dedicated fans within the Bedrock platform, making the introduction process more manageable compared to massive servers where the sheer number of players can be overwhelming.

Those who prefer a bustling and lively server may find FallenTech less appealing. However, it offers a serene and enjoyable experience on Bedrock Edition, ideal for unwinding or honing PvP skills before venturing into larger-scale servers.

7. NetherGames (Bedrock)

NetherGames stands as a dedicated Minecraft Bedrock server that has garnered a loyal community of players who enjoy engaging in PvP battles and challenging game modes.

Players have a wide range of options to explore, including one-on-one Duels, Parkour, Factions PvP, Skywars, and Bedwars, catering to those seeking intense gameplay experiences. However, for those who prefer a more relaxed approach, NetherGames offers free Creative Mode plots for building, friendly matches of social deduction in Murder Mystery, or the opportunity to test survival skills in Skyblock.

NetherGames lives up to its reputation as a popular destination for gamers, boasting an active and thriving player base within the Bedrock Edition community.

8. FadeCloud (Java)

FadeCloud is a leading network of Minecraft servers globally, featuring numerous game modes and a large influx of new players every day. Although it's relatively new compared to other servers, it has grown tremendously over the years and is continually releasing fresh content.

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If you're seeking multiplayer entertainment with friends or strangers online, this server is an excellent place to start. Its game modes include Earth, Dungeons, Skyblock, and Prison, each with its own collection of customized enchants on weapons, armor, or tools. The server also has unique bosses that add a layer of excitement to Minecraft gameplay.

In addition, FadeCloud provides a custom texture pack where you can purchase various items at different prices. It's akin to the Steam Marketplace in CS:GO, where players can buy and sell skins, cases, and keys.

9. Hypixel (Java/Bedrock)

Hypixel is arguably the most successful and renowned cross-platform server in the extensive history of Minecraft, capable of satisfying the needs of virtually any player.

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With a remarkable selection of over 19 different minigames to explore, the iconic Skyblock progression that has captured the hearts of countless enthusiasts, and a vast player base dispersed across multiple in-server hubs, Hypixel offers an abundance of engaging activities. The depth and intricacy of the server's game modes are unparalleled, a testament to the unwavering dedication of its development team.

While it may not be the preferred choice for every individual, Hypixel has long been hailed as the benchmark for excellence in the Minecraft server community, setting the standard for what servers can aspire to become.

10. GrandTheftMCPE (Bedrock)

GrandTheftMCPE is an exceptional Minecraft Bedrock server that delivers thrilling gameplay within a relatively small and intimate community. It seamlessly brings the chaotic and action-packed battles of Grand Theft Auto to the Bedrock Edition.

Within this server, which is based in Germany, players have the option to align themselves with either the criminal underworld or law enforcement and engage in intense PvP conflicts. To gain an advantage, players can utilize strategically placed boxes scattered throughout the in-game city or visit the Ammunation store to acquire a diverse arsenal of firearms, explosives, and even jetpacks for exhilarating aerial combat.

Moreover, GrandTheftMCPE presents a progression system through various in-game ranks that are obtained by accumulating kills. Additionally, players have the opportunity to acquire private property, providing a haven from the PvP action where they can relax before venturing back into the battle-scarred streets of Los Vamos.

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