Dripstone, introduced in Minecraft's 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update, is a new block found in the dripstone cave biome. It resembles real-world stalactites and stalagmites. By placing a regular dripstone block beneath a water source, pointed dripstones gradually form. The presence of a water block above the dripstone block speeds up the growth of pointed dripstones.

Players can utilize this process to create a farm and collect abundant pointed dripstone within a few hours. Below is a guide on how to construct a pointed dripstone farm in Minecraft.

1. Items needed for the Dripstone farm

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Dripstone farm preparation

To set up the Dripstone farm in Minecraft, you'll require specific blocks and items. For a basic farm, gather the following resources:

  • 1 hopper
  • 1 redstone dust
  • 1 piston
  • 1 dirt block
  • 1 water bucket
  • 1 observer
  • 1 dripstone block
  • 1 pointed dripstone
  • 2 chests
  • 20 glass blocks

Keep in mind that these items are sufficient for a simple dripstone farm. If you wish to expand and create additional setups, you'll need more resources. However, there's no need for any new items beyond those listed.

2. Create the collection area

Next, you need to construct the area where the pointed dripstones will be collected. Begin by positioning two chests side by side to form a larger chest. Attach a hopper to the chest in a way that ensures seamless item transfer.

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Collection area

To facilitate convenient collection of the pointed dripstones, arrange the large chest in a manner that allows players to easily access its contents. For visual reference, please refer to the provided image above.

3. Observer and Piston contraption

To proceed, construct a simple redstone setup involving an observer and a piston. This contraption is designed to periodically break the grown pointed dripstones. Place the observer on top of the piston, ensuring that they face downward towards the hopper. However, maintain a few blocks of distance between them.

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Observer and Piston contraption

Position the dirt block behind the piston and place the redstone dust on top of it. This arrangement effectively connects the observer to the piston. When the observer detects a change in the block state of the pointed dripstone, it will transmit a redstone signal to the piston, activating it. As a result, the piston will push and break the fully grown pointed dripstone.

For a visual representation, refer to the provided image above.

4. Pointed dripstone and water

In the last step, players should position the dripstone block and place the pointed dripstone directly beneath it on top of the observer block. Ensure that the pointed dripstone is positioned facing the observer's face-like side.

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Pointed dripstone and water

To facilitate faster growth of the pointed dripstone, place water on top of the regular dripstone block. Cover the water with glass blocks to prevent any spillage. Additionally, cover the rest of the farm area with glass blocks to prevent the broken pointed dripstones from being scattered outside.

5. Other ways to use Dripstones

Dripstone Cave biome is a dangerous location to explore in Minecraft 1.8. It has many life-threatening terrains and plenty of mobs. But it has many essential features that assist players and make the game more enjoyable and easier for them.

Make traps from pointed dripstones

The pointed dripstone in Dripstone caves can be used as a trap. It helps players kill enemies and hostile mobs. It appears as stalactites or stalagmites inside these caves. You can pick up these pointed and sharp dripstone blocks and place them in any traps in the battle or around your houses to stay away from zombies and dangerous mobs.

Build Traps From Pointed Dripstones
Build traps from pointed dripstones.

Make unlimited sources of water and lava

You can also use the pointed dripstone collected from Dripstone caves to make an unlimited source of lava and water. Minecraft players can use pointed dripstones in a machine with a pointed dripstone block and a cauldron under it. Then, place lava or water on the top of the dripstone block. Then, the water or lava will drip slowly to the cauldron, but it won't dry out.

Water And Lava
Create an unlimited source of water and lava.

6. Best seeds for Dripstones

Connected Dripstone and Lush caves

  • Seed: -1476899202800064451

This is a Java edition seed and you can find the combination of lush and dripstone cave biomes at 1121, -20, 1743.

In case you may have not known, the lush cave was also introduced earlier this year. Different from the rough and horrifying-looking driptone cave, the lush vines have glowing berries inside. A similarity you shall find in both of these caves, however, is mineshafts.

Lush And Dripstone
This Minecraft dripstone seed is a perfect blend of dripstone and lush caves.

Take your precious time and find some loot in these mineshafts will be a great way to maximize your Minecraft experience.

Dripstone cave above lava lake

  • Seed: -5667746216093903047

If pointed dripstones hanging from the ceiling seem not enough challenging for you, you can choose this Java seed to explore a big dripstone cave spawning above a lava lake. Players with a passion for adventure will find this one of the best Minecraft seeds for dripstone caves.

Giant Lava Dripstone Cave
Going a long way to this location will totally not be a waste of time.

In the meantime, you can spot this aesthetic cave generation at -700, 100, 2450.

Massive dripstone cave with dungeon at spawn

  • Seed: 821163920768877950

This seed will spawn you on a dripstone cave in Bedrock and Java Edition, although their generation may not turn out similar. At -66, -17, 77 in Java Edition, you will spot a dungeon with a zombie spawner.

Zombie Dungeon
You can get quite a lot of loot in this seed.

Moreover, in the dungeon will exist two chests that grant the player three enchanted books. A Mineshaft can also be discovered at 61, -1, 49 in the dungeon. With this much value that the biome offers, players won't want to miss this seed.

Dripstone cave opening next to spawn

  • Seed: 4809063517126329655

With this 1.18 dripstone cave seed, you will spawn near a big cave opening that points straight to a massive dripstone cave. It also extends down to the beneath level and links to a cheese cave system. This one is loaded with ores at the most accessible locations.

Dripstone Cave Opening Next To Spawn
A dripstone save right next to where you spawn, how convenient.

Huge exposed dripstone cave

  • Seed: -2012532737808799354

The last but not least pick in the list of best Minecraft seeds for dripstone caves in this exposed one with an eye-pleasing terrain feature. As mentioned, this cave system is totally transparent in the Overworld.

In this seed, players may discover a visible dripstone cave at -800, -7300.

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