Hunger in Minecraft is a gameplay element that necessitates the player to eat for survival. It doesn't impact the player in spectator or creative modes, or on Peaceful difficulty in any game mode. Hunger is represented by a bar located next to the health bar, and as this bar decreases, several negative effects occur:

  1. Natural healing stops when the hunger bar reaches 17 (equivalent to 8.5 drumsticks).
  2. Sprinting becomes impossible at 6 (equivalent to 3 drumsticks).
  3. Starvation damage begins when the hunger bar reaches 0 (equivalent to 1 drumstick). The rate at which this damage occurs depends on the difficulty level, but reaching zero health through starvation is only possible on Hard and Hardcore difficulties.

Additionally, there is a secondary aspect of hunger called "saturation," which always depletes before regular hunger. Consuming food replenishes both hunger and saturation to varying degrees.

The Hunger Bar

The decrease of saturation and hunger is regulated by a hidden variable called "exhaustion." This variable accumulates small fractional costs until it can reduce either the saturation or hunger gauge by one full point.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase some of the best way to manage your hunger bar in Minecraft.

1. How to conserve energy to reduce food consumption

There are several methods to decrease your food consumption:

Avoid taking damage

The most crucial aspect is to avoid taking damage since healing damage requires significantly more hunger than almost anything else. This includes not only combat damage but also damage from falls, fire, poison, drowning, and so on. Wearing armor significantly reduces damage from various sources.

Minecraft Pvp
Losing HP is the fastest way to drain your hunger bar.

Full diamond/netherite armor can decrease the damage you receive by up to 80%. Using more powerful weapons tends to shorten fights by dispatching enemies faster, reducing the chances of them hitting you. Similarly, ranged weapons allow you to eliminate most mobs with minimal risk of harm.

It is particularly important to avoid poison, and if you do get poisoned, try to cure it promptly. Poison can deplete a substantial amount of health points, which will eventually require healing.

Whenever possible, avoid unnecessary combat since both giving and receiving 60 blows costs the same as healing one point of damage.

Falling damage is counted as a blow as well. Evading monsters and using a bed during the night are key strategies.

Avoid jumping, sprinting and swimming

Minimize jumping. While mining, carry cobblestone or logs and, when feasible, create and place stairs, slabs, or ladders instead of jumping. It takes as much hunger to perform 120 jumps as healing one point of damage.

Maxresdefault 1
Sprint and jump cost a lot of stamina

Refrain from sprinting as it rapidly depletes your hunger bar. Jumping while sprinting is particularly energy-intensive. Sprinting 60 meters requires the same amount of hunger as healing one point of damage.

If you are sprinting while jumping, the hunger cost for jumping is four times higher, meaning that 30 sprint-jumps are equivalent to healing one point of damage.

When crossing deep water, opt for a boat or construct bridges instead of swimming, as it is faster and doesn't deplete your hunger bar. Swimming 600 meters consumes the same amount of hunger as healing one hunger point.

2. The best and most efficient food to use

Enchanted Golden Apple

The Enchanted Golden Apple is the best food in Minecraft since it can offer much more than Hunger and Saturation. It is quite a luxury food item in Minecraft. To find Enchanted Golden Apple, you need to look for chests across the world in dungeons, mineshafts, desert temples, underwater ruins, bastion remnants.

While their Hunger and Saturation value is not high at all, they give players various buffs that are super useful in PvP situations in a multiplayer server. When eaten, they give 8 hearts of absorption protection, fire resistance 1, resistance 1, and regeneration 2.

Enchanted Golden Apple
Enchanted Golden Apple is a super rare item in Minecraft and it cannot be crafted.


Porkchop is one of the staple survival food for all Minecraft players. It has great Hunger and Saturation value at 8 points and 12.8 points respectively. They are also super easy to obtain. You just have to slay a pig and cook Raw Porkchops in an oven. A pig can drop up to 4 Raw Porkchops.

Pig spawn across everywhere in the overworld in Minecraft, making them the best food in Minecraft survival for beginner players.

Pigs are a super common source of Porkchop to solve the hunger problem.


Along with Porkchop, Steak is another common food that can easily solve the hunger problem. It has the same value as Porkchop. Cows have so many uses in Minecraft so most players will have a cow farm to get milk, leather, in addition to raw beef. Cows can be found commonly in various biomes in Minecraft.

You can kill a cow first and cook their meat or set the cow on fire directly to get steak.

Cow Minecraft
Cow are extremely common and they can give you Steak.

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