Deep Rock Galactic is a shooter offering co-op arrangements as players traverse a variety of virtually-generated environments. To sum it up, it’s a “PvE” game, which means “player versus environment” or “player versus enemy”, depending on who you ask. You’re playing computer cooperatively, basically, rather than other players.

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Of course, this means there are advantages and disadvantages to take into consideration. A computer isn’t a human being who can think critically, so it will have glaring blindspots. Then again, it works with a lot higher level of skill and accuracy than “real” players. This means the difficulty setting you and your friends choose for cooperative play can really change things.

One thing is true - when you level up, that increases your ability to contend with generated enemies, period. In Deep Rock Galactic, being leveled up is called being “promoted”. Following we’ll quickly explore four ways you can quickly be “promoted” in this game to help you find your footing.

1. EXP From Side Quests

The word “Promote" in Deep Rock Galactic is used to denote “leveling up”, and the link has some more background on how that works. In most games, leveling up has to do with gaining EXP, or Experience.

This can be done in multiple ways. Generally, when you fight enemies in pursuit of the main goal in any “Role-Playing Game”, you’ll get EXP that advances your character. Side quests can put you in contact with many enemies that help you in this way. With Deep Rock Galactic, side quests and the main quest involve PVE encounters that are not turn-based.

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Traditional RPGs are turn-based, Deep Rock Galactic is a shooter; meaning it combines leveling up characteristics with shooting action. This is desirable for many of today’s gamers. Deep Rock Galactic makes things a bit more “fun”, and side quests can be followed adjacent to the main quest, helping you level up quicker.

2. Really “Grinding” in the Main Game

Beyond side quests, when you’re in a primary part of the game, lean into encounters. The more you have, the more experience you get. These will differ from those of side quests in that they’ll sometimes be easier and sometimes harder, depending on how near you are to the finale.

Learn more about how grinding works by understanding the game intrinsically. Check out what those who made the game intended, also, to get an idea of how better to level up.

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3. Rescue and Elimination Operations

There are a lot of secondary missions that go hand-in-hand with rescue and elimination operations, these will provide you EXP, EXP helps you gain “promotion”, which is leveling up. So lean into these aspects of the game.

4. Leaning on Resources Which Generally Have More EXP

Next, look into encounters known to have more EXP than others. Jadiz and Bizmore give double EXP based on single units. Also, Apocalypse Flowers, Fossils, and Boolo Mushrooms will return three times as much EXP as other items in the game. If you can find special resources, that’s definitely worthwhile. Egg is 30 EXP, Aquara is 25 EXP.

Deep Rock Galactic Is Free To Play This Weekend On

Dominating Deep Rock Galactic

Specialty resources, rescue and elimination operations, grinding the main game, and deeply pursuing side quests represent the best ways to gain EXP toward “promotion” in Deep Rock Galactic. Basically, to sum it all up: play the game and do all the “stuff”.

The more features of the game you’re able to successfully complete, the more EXP you’ll have, the more promotions you’ll get, the more powerful your characters will become, and the more you’ll ultimately be able to do. Finally, pursuing everything you can do in the game helps you more fully experience this next iteration in gaming development.

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