GTA Online Gun Van is probably one of the best addition to the game this year, allowing players to purchase powerful weapons at terrific deals and discounts. The van will change location every day, and will be at the new location on any new session started after its movement time. Finding it is pretty straightforward, however, as the Gun Van will be clearly indicated on the map.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 most useful weapons to purchase from GTA Online Gun Van.

Gun Van

The player can purchase and modify the weapons offered for sale at a discounted rate. GTA+ membership attracts a higher discount. The Gun Van can sell weapons not otherwise available from any other gun supplier.

1. Railgun

The Coil Railgun is one of the most powerful weapons in GTA Online. While it has been added to the game, players can't use the Railgun in Free Roam - it is only available in specific jobs. However, with powerful weapons like the Heavy Sniper MK2 in the game, there's no reason that the Railgun should not be added to Free Roam.

The Railgun has been nerfed greatly in GTA Online.

Rockstar has added the Railgun to GTA Online as part of the arsenal in Gun Vans. Its projectile velocity has been lowered from 7200 KPH to 2700 KPH and inflicts less damage to players and vehicles. It can also destroy unarmored vehicles in one shot, and can be an effective weapon against maneuverable aircraft.

It will set you back GTA$730,000 to purchase for the first time. The van also has the usual array of custom tints available so that players can give the gun a fresh look.

2. Molotov Cocktails

The Molotov Cocktail, or Molotov, is a thrown weapon that has appeared in every game since Grand Theft Auto 2. It is the most basic throwable weapon throughout the series, with the ability to set small areas on fire.

Despite being pretty low-tech, Molotovs are one of the most efficient throwables in the game, as a direct hit from it can easily kill a player or set vehicles on fire.

Unlike most other guns and explosives, Ammu-Nation does not sell Molotovs.

With the Gun Van update, they have finally been made available. Players can purchase it for a discounted price of $170.

3. Compact EMP Launcher

The Compact EMP Launcher is a special weapon that emits EMP, which is fairly unique. On a hit, it can disable the engine of a vehicle for about 5 seconds. However, this doesn't prevent weaponized vehicles from shooting. Deals nearly no damage to players.

Overall, the Compact EMP Launcher is a very situational weapon that's useful in very limited circumstances. It should not be prioritized at all compared to other things in this update such as new vehicles and upgrades.

Compact EMP Launcher
When used as a drive-by weapon you might want to drive closer to enemy vehicles for a guaranteed hit.

Outside of the EMP projectile, the Compact EMP Launcher works exactly like the Compact Grenade Launcher, which fires a slow projectile in an arc. As the projectile is much slower than bullets in GTA Online, it is very hard to hit a moving target with this launcher.

Additionally, the EMP effect will only disable the engine of the vehicle, and will not disable the weapons of the affected vehicle.

4. Proximity Mines

The Proximity Mines are useful trap weapons in GTA Online. It explodes if placed on the ground and walked over by any NPC or player, including the player who placed the mine. When a mine is about to explode, it will start to beep, warning players of the imminent explosion, although it is almost impossible to run away from the mine and avoid the explosion.

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These mines are useful in stopping foes and pranking allies alike.

When placed onto an inactive vehicle, it will not explode, which is perfect to catch an unaware enemy that will take that vehicle. As players can only carry 5 proximity mines at a time, having the Gun Van available on the map would be great for restocking.

5. Assault Shotgun

The Assault Shotgun is a very underrated weapon. It is very powerful at close range, with an impressive stopping ability on each shot. Players can two-shot or three-shot the average enemy without heavy armor. Additionally, it can deal with crowds of enemies, vehicles and even low flying helicopters with ease.

It is distinguished from other shotguns of its class due to its fully automatic capabilities, and its reload speed is fast, comparable to the Assault Rifle and Carbine Rifle.

Assaultshotgun Gtav Compressed
The magazine size of the Assault Shotgun is pretty decent for a weapon of the class.

If you have to go into any confined space, bringing this gun is a must. Just don't try it at range, as the spread is rather high.

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